New York Minute – 491 Mount Alexander Rd Moonee Ponds – VIC

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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I had to make an afternoon trip to the Airport to pick-up my brother-in-law Rusty, who is staying with us for a couple of weeks. It just so happens that that New York Minute is sort of on the way to the airport… Well sort of. Anyway, I’d heard some positive reviews about this place and I was intrigued to try their New York burger. I made the short detour off the Freeway and into Moonee Ponds. At 4:00pm in the afternoon it was a pretty easy drive and also pretty easy to snag a car park near by. New Your Minute is more of a take away place than sit down restaurant – apparently they are also franchising, with 4 locations to be open soon. I have to admit, I’m always sceptical of franchises – they seem to loose something in the quest to expand… Anyway, I put that aside and went in to order. I asked the young man behind the counter what their best burger was and he told me the New York burger – Which to be honest looks like a bit more than just an homage to that certain burger from the golden arches. Although at $12 – more than double the price. I ordered the New York, with a side of chips and a can of drink. After a little wait I got my take away box and I hurried back out to my car. I had to eat in the car as all the seats were taken and I was in a rush to get to the airport anyway – which is why my photo’s aren’t very good. Anyway, I was pretty keen to open up my white takeaway container and enjoy the contents. First impression and this was not a “pretty” burger. It was a big, ugly, man burger. Sauce and melted cheese going everywhere. It’s the kind of burger that means business. Eating this, you know you’re not getting out of it without some on you by the end – it’s a messy affair that’s for sure. All I can say is – thank God they Teflon coat ties these days. Wipes right off and I don’t have to get it dry cleaned. Can’t say the same for my shirt though. It’s got a bit oily splodge on it… Oh well. So the burger as you might gather is saucy – very saucy. And I like that in my burgers. The other thing you notice is the double levels, two patties, separated by quite a large slice of bun. I thought at first there would be too much bun to meat, but it worked out quite well actually. The bread was soft and spongy, a standard white bread, more savoury than sweet. The beef itself however, is a bit of a let down, it’s overworked and a bit sausagey – although you don’t really notice it due to all that sauce. The spinach is not a good idea, unlike crunchy lettuce which adds both freshness and texture, the spinach leaves are just soggy and do nothing for the burger at all. All of this is really beside the point. You can’t taste much else apart from the sauce as it seems to over power everything- it’s a great sauce – don’t get me wrong, not totally unlike the afore mentioned sauce you find on a certain burger from the golden aches – just much better… In this case the sauce has evidence of onion, pickle, certainly mayo based, probably some sweet mustard and possible some ketcup. Either way it is a good sauce – but there’s a lot of it and the other ingredients are pretty flat, making this a bit of a sauce burger. Oh the conundrum – I quite often deride the lack of sauciness in burgers, and now here I am complaining about too much sauce?? It’s is what it is. The acid test really is that I wouldn’t go out of my way to come back. As much as I enjoyed it (It’s not a bad burger – it just lacked balance), I probably wont be back unless I’m in the area, as such it’s 6.5 for this one – good, not great.

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