Burger Burger – 135 Union Road, Surrey Hills – VIC

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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wpid-img_20150601_182449.jpgGot home after a long day at work and all I could think about was a burger. Katie looked like she could do with getting out of the house, and since I heard no objections from Lucy, the decision was made. I got Katie searching for a burger place while I sorted out Lucy, she had decided to spew all over herself and me as well, so a nappy and outfit change was needed – which I completed quickly and skilfully I might add – I’m becoming a pro at this Dad stuff. Anyway, Katie found Burger Burger on the interwebs, I don’t know how she does it, but she’s a dab hand at finding places I’ve never heard of. Not too far from us actually, and so we were quickly in the car and heading off for an early dinner. Parking was a breeze at 5:30pm, we got the spot directly out the front, so it was easy to unload Lucy and head in without getting wet. We were the only customers inside at this time, so we didn’t have to worry if Lucy decided she needed to scream and cry a bit (Thankfully she didn’t). Perusing the menu, I noticed the slider option, 3 burgers, lamb, chicken and beef, for $20, so I convinced Katie to order that one. I got the Belmore Bacon with Double beef – I was a bit hungry. We got some Mexican Sodas – Jarritos, which I love, and some sides of fries and onion rings. Didn’t get much change out of $60. This place is not cheap. But then you pay for quality so the hope was that the burgers would be worth it. I have to say when they came out, I was pretty sure they were going to be good. First point though – some burgers you can double down, some you can’t. This place, even though they say 150gm patties, I’m pretty sure their scales are off because it was a pretty damn big burger. I’d probably avoid doubling next time as it was somewhat difficult to really get my teeth into this one… Let’s be honest – that’s not really a complaint. They doubled the cheese and bacon as well – and this is thick cut bacony bacon. The overall effect was that I rolled out of the place. I like that when I order a double.

Anyway, let’s talk about this burger. The brioche bun is a really nice soft and spongy bun, not too sweet and just the right size and nicely toasted. The patties are thick and juicy, well seasoned, just a little pink still showing, a really nice flavour. Then you get the think cut smokey bacon – I’d like a little more fat, not just the eye, but it really delivers on flavour. The cheddar cheese has a nice sharp taste to it, nicely melted, it encases the beef to keep it juicy. The grilled onions are buttery and soft, they add a nice rich note to the burger. The salad elements do their job, and the pickles – pickle. That’s all they need to do. God I love pickles… The burger sauce is nice, not front and centre, just in the background, adding sauciness as it should. Overall, this was a satisfying burger. Katie enjoyed her three sliders, and I must admit, I had a bite or two of the sliders – a generous sized slider – three is enough for most people. Add in some nice sides – I swear the fries are almost spot on Macca’s fries – and that’s not a slur. I love Macca’s fries. These were like that time you got a perfect serving… The people working there were also quite friendly and helpfully – they seemed to really enjoy what they were doing. I’m a fan of their work, and I’ll most likely be back. The only down side here is the price. A double Belmore is going to set you back $18, plus $4.5 for fries and $4.5 for the soda. That’s not far south of $30. I know quality is a premium, and Surrey hills isn’t cheap, but for me the price is a bit off the mark and might put some people off. Still, I’m giving this burger an 8.

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