Borris Murgers – 47/49 View St, Bendigo – VIC

Posted: December 3, 2015 in Burger Hunt
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It’s been far too long since I’ve had the chance to head out for a burger adventure. Thankfully Chris has offered to help out and review a few tasty burger establishments while I languish at home…

Recently, Chris was kind enough to review Borris Murgers in Bendigo:

Bendigo has some surprisingly awesome and surprisingly modern food places. We’ve talked about The Woodhouse before and it’s still my go-to place in Bendigo. Sure it’s not cheap but it’s all things to all people. It’s a 5 star steak house and a super amazing pizza place (that doesn’t do take away and isn’t open on a Sunday…both things that should be changed). And if it were in Melbourne everything would be twice the price. Then there’s Mr Bebe’s which is as hipster as they come, even to the point of being overrated which I think they do deliberately. Then there’s Masons and the Dispensary both of which would be very much at home on Smith Street. So food in Bendigo is a thing and getting better all the time. So it was with some anticipation that I heard about Borris Murgers and being a regular visitor to the gold-fields there I decided to do my good mate Andrew a solid and eat there. Borris Murgers is pitching itself as a Melbourne style burger extravaganza.

It’s even got a clever name.

The menu looks the business. Everything looked good. They make extravagant claims about their meat. They even have Mac and Cheese. Oh…..a Gay time Milkshake! I gots to get me one of those.

I order a Gaytime milkshake. The streaky bacon murger and some mac and cheese. My companion on this trip orders a BLT burger with Avocado. Both come with chips.

The Good:

The Gaytime milkshake was good, cold and tasted like a Gaytime – can’t fault that. It even had little biscuit pieces through it. The chips were quite good, nice thick sliced double fried pieces of potato goodness which if we were in the US would be referred to as“ potato skins “even though they aren’t. And would have been brilliant with some chives, sour cream and some melted American cheese. Hannah’s BLT burger was quite good with avocado giving it good texture and smoothing out the beef flavour.

The Ok:

The Burger I received was ok, the meat was so-so and very well cooked being both juicy and pink in the middle. But the last three places I’ve been to seem to be afraid of seasoning. There was no salt and the quality of the meat wasn’t sufficient to stand up on its own. The bun was a mixed affair, sort of a cross between a Kaiser roll and a brioche and was pretty cakey. Not terrible, and soft enough, but nothing to get excited about. The tomato looked a bit tired and the lettuce was cos, what on earth is wrong with iceberg? Anyway the bacon wasn’t streaky enough for my liking. But the disappointing thing was the relish. This burger would have been quite good with a really good burger sauce, it needed umami sadly it got picked mustard sweetness. It wasn’t a terrible burger but it wasn’t inspiring that’s for sure.

The Bad:

The Mac and Cheese. I would put this below Kraft Mac and Cheese. This was the most bland disappointing thing I’ve had in my mouth since I accidently had breakfast at Ikea.  It was overcooked stodgy noodles in a terribly thin and tasteless cheese “sauce” which seemingly the chef had only noticed at the last minute panicked and put a slice of cheese from a burger over it which he then breathed on till it went semi-soft. “Here have a bowl of sadness” the waitress seemed to say as she apologetically delivered the meal. It was so tasteless that I forgot I had tried it and had another spoon full only to be reminded that I had indeed put this in my mouth previously. It was muddy berrible.

Please either take this off the menu or do it better. No-one will be praising you for this terrible side.

I give Borris Murgers 5.5 out of 10.



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