Diners Club

About 8 or so years ago, I was dining in Sydney with one of my great mates from Uni – Shane, and we were discussing the food scenes in Melbourne vs. Sydney. After a few hours of discussions and refreshments, we felt the only way to truly be able to compare dining standards was to visit the best of the best in each city. But how to do that? Neither of us were particularly wealthy, how could we afford to go out for a Degustation for example at $300 a head? How could we spend that much without feeling guilty. A few more hours and a few more refreshments and we finally came up with the idea of the diners club. At the time, the plan was to put $50 a month into a joint savings account and when we caught up every 6 months or so we would have enough money to enjoy a fine dining food and wine experience. All without feeling guilty or blowing the budget. It took a few months to get our act together, but eventually we got organized and found ourselves with $600 to spend and table at Rockpool in Melbourne booked. We’ve been continuing the tradition ever since and as a result of our club, we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some of the finest dining and best steaks Melbourne and Sydney have to offer, including Aria, Est, MoMo, Grill on the Hill, Vlado’s and Rockpool. We don’t always manage to catch up as much as we would like, but we do continue to put the money aside each month. Who knows where our adventures will take us.

I plan to detail our experiences in this section of my blog every 6 to 12 months. If only I had thought to write up some of our amazing adventures in the past, including that one time we spent $500 on a bottle of Champagne because we wanted to see if we could spend the whole $1800 that had amassed in our account – Yeah, we probably should have saved our money for next time – but we never claimed to be particularly intelligent.


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