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Doc Fords… the name just kept coming up – in fact I picked up a novel in a gift shop and the book featured Doc Ford as a character! Seemed like I was getting hints from the aether – Turns out it’s a restaurant in south west Florida, with two locations, both near me! How could I argue with such omens? Also, the name of the restaurant features the words, Rum, Bar and Grille – So when Katie and I went for a drive down to Sanibel  island, well, let’s just say there was very little need for Katie to convince me to stop for lunch at Doc Fords. The place in Captiva looked a bit touristy so I was a little worried at first, but then I thought – most places in south west Florida seem touristy. Anyway, so, it was about 94F (Ok – it’s about that every day lets be honest…), and of course the first thing we did when we got there was order some refreshments. Katie got a virgin Mojito and I got a local beverage of the malt and hops variety that certainly quenched my thirst. Next we needed to do something about our appetites – Due to the fact that this place boasts about its seafood we decided we should start with a seafood appetizer. Crab cakes were selected, they came with an interesting jicama coleslaw (Jicama feels a little like green apple in texture, but has a mellow flavour). Katie, who’s a bit of a crab cake aficionado thought they were lovely – to me, they tasted like crab cakes…


Now, I honestly thought that I was going to get some form of seafood for my lunch – but then I saw there was a burger on the menu – and it sang out to me. It said, “Andrew, stop piss farting around with these fish sandwiches and get a real meal”… Anyway, that’s how I sold it to my wife – she just rolled her eyes at me and said, get whatever you want… So I got the burger, and I added cheese and I added bacon. Katie ordered the fish sandwich – which apparently was voted the number #1 fish sandwich. Not sure where this #1 ranking comes from, but that’s what it said on the menu (It certainly didn’t get a number 1 ranking from Katie – she was pretty unimpressed). Anyway, so the first thing I noticed about the burger was the fact that the bun was brown bread. On the menu it said whole wheat – since I never know what things mean in America I just let it slide, but brown bread? Why?? I don’t want a healthy bread bun with my bacon cheese burger? Massive point deduction there. I was annoyed before I even put it in my mouth.



After finishing with my little tantrum I tried the burger, and it was actually OK. The bun wasn’t as bad as I had assumed, a bit on the sweet side, a little nutty, probably would have worked well with some BBQ sauce or say a pulled pork sandwich – but still not the ideal partner to a beef burger. The patty was a good quality, freshly ground beef, grilled over a flame, I’m sure it would have been really good. However I ordered it medium, they decided to cook it well done. To the point it was dry. Really doesn’t matter what sort of meat they used now. The Bacon was amazing, again cooked over the flame, crispy, charred, smokey. The cheese was the sliced and prepackaged variety – pretty bland, but does its job. I had to sauce the bun myself – I used both the ketchup and mustard provided – and then I added the pickle, closed up the burger with the red onion, tomato (First time I’ve been given ripe tomato that actually has some flavour whilst I’ve been on this trip) and lettuce. The overall experience with this burger was very underwhelming. Dry, poor bun choice, and lacking a burger sauce to put it over the edge. Would not recommend – probably a 6.5 at most.

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