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Ruby’s Diner was the first non plane food that I’d eaten for more a while. This would automatically make it amazing under normal circumstances, however in this case it was offset by the extreme exhaustion and general crankiness that I was experiencing after a good 25hours plus of cramped economy class travel.  Houston was the second layover of the journey to Deland, and as far as airports go I’m sure it’s quite nice – at this point in time I couldn’t have cared less. I was sweaty and tired and in a zombie like trance with a baby attached to my chest ergo baby style. I had that thin film of disgustingness you get after sleeping in your clothes (Albeit for no more than an interrupted 2hrs at most) – every part of you is screaming out for a shower and a clean bed to collapse into.

Anyway, I digress – After wondering aimlessly through the airport and testing out the travelators we finally found a likely establishment in Ruby’s Diner. Ruby’s Diner is smallish chain with most of the locations in California (as I found out later), the Houston airport location is reasonably large and busy which seemed like a good sign at the time to our tired eyes. Sitting down and looking at the menu I almost fell off the chair (I was pretty tired) – the prices here are pretty expensive, even by airport standards. $13.49 for a burger might sound ok to an Australian at first, but add in tip and tax, plus the exchange rate, oh and a refreshment or two, and dinner was going to cost well north of $50 AUD. Oh well, in some ways you have to expect that at an airport. After my initial shock I moved on, I wasn’t going anywhere else so this place would just have to do. We didn’t have to wait long to be served – and not only that but the waitress as courteous, friendly and helpful. Clearly not in Australia anymore! We each ordered burgers and some drinks – Katie got the Hickory Burger and I got a bacon cheeseburger. Both were around the $14 mark. Lucy decided against a burger, wisely opting instead for the pureed organic spring vegetable medley that mummy had in the baby bag matched with some of refreshment from mum afterwards. A wise choice considering she only has two teeth.


As you would expect at an airport, the meals came out pretty quickly and we were soon devouring our burgers as through we had been eating nothing but airline food for the last day and bit… Anyway, contrary to how many diner style burgers are served, these came out pre-assembled – as opposed to being served open so you can sauce the burger yourself. I find that this can result in a dry burger if they are left out too long on the pass. In this case, both burger were nice and juicy although it was more difficult to pry them apart to apply the sauce. I added sweet yellow mustard and ketchup to the mayo that was already on the bun. My burger also came with sliced sweet onion, lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon and American cheese. I was disappointed that there was no pickle.

To be honest, both burgers were nothing to write home about (And yet here I am…) – fairy average American diner fare. Nice enough, but nothing special. But an average burger here is much better than an average burger back home lets get that straight.

It’s hard to provide a decent review thanks to the fact that I was sooo jetlagged that it’s taken the better part of a week to write this up. However if I were to sum it all up I’d say that the one thing that I do remember thinking at the time was, meh – but at least it has American bacon and American cheese. Oh, and, bloody hell – what is that total on the bill Katie?? Next time we are walking to Wendy’s!