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Another lovely Spring day in Elwood – the leaves are starting to come out and the sun is starting to shine more frequently – Saturday in particular started off pleasantly – a nice day for a walk I thought, and a perfect day to head down to Ormond Rd. and find a café for brunch.

It’s not a long walk from my place to the Ormond Rd shops, so off Katie and I went – 15 minutes later we were seated inside at Wild Café. I’d walked past Wild Café countless times, but I’d never been in, it’s not the most popular of the café’s on Ormond Rd. and that always makes you a little wary about going in – is there something that people know that I don’t one tends to wonder. That and the ambiance doesn’t seem all that enticing, I’m not a fan of the layout. Anyway, since we were both hungry, we made the decision to give the place a go, Katie was getting cranky and I was getting there myself. Katie sat down and ordered some tea and coffee while I finished off some errands – but the time I got back the drinks were on the table and the only thing left to do was make a decision on the food. Easier that it seems. The Menu at Wild is confusing – I hate the layout, it took me way too long to figure out what I was looking at. Sure it looks pretty, but for those who have only just gotten out of bed or just aren’t too sharp to begin with it’s a little bit hard to read… Might just be me? Eventually I figured out that they do offer breakfast and so we made our orders. I went for the standard big breakfast (Not sure what they call it here), with Scrambled eggs, toast, sausage, bacon, tomato’s and mushrooms. I had to check with Katie first because she has this weird pregnancy aversion to mushrooms. She was ok with me ordering them, I just wasn’t allowed to mentioned them or acknowledge their presence in anyway for fear of making her sick at the table. Katie ordered the beans and baked eggs dish – although I was worried that the eggs would not be cooked through. I read somewhere that if you eat uncooked eggs when pregnant then, well I can’t remember, but I ‘m sure it’s bad… Possibly fatal. Thankfully, Katie and unborn baby survived. Here’s a tip – do not Google anything about pregnancy if you are a mother or father to be. Basically you will start to look at everything as being a potential threat to the life of both the mother and your unborn child. I’m sure this feeling of paranoia will only get worse once baby is born. Katie thankfully much less crazy than I am. Our child has a chance, small though it is, of being at least 50% normal…


Ok, so back to the eggs – Katie’s baked eggs came with a nice flavoursome chili style baked bean and tomato ragù, a side of bacon and some house baked bread. The bread was a bit “cakey”, but otherwise she enjoyed her meal. My meal was ok, the eggs were cooked the way I like them, creamy, buttery, on a nice grainy sourdough that I’m sure had a drizzle of fruity olive oil and not butter – nice touch actually. The sausages were overcooked and a little burnt on one side so they were disappointing and the bacon was ok – again just not crispy enough for me – there were parts of my bacon that were just warmed, not fried. I don’t get it. At least it was the full rasher and not just the short cut. The highlight for me was the sautéed mushrooms. They came out late, on a separate plate – but they were worth it, a mix of mushrooms, including some Enoki and Shimeji and your standard Portobello and Button – all sautéed lightly in some butter, these were great on toast. As far a brunch places go this is certainly not the best option on Ormond Rd. however, it was enjoyable, so if you don’t feel like battling the crowds at some of the other places, Wild café is worth a shot.

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I noticed Heads & Tails from across the road whilst I was out and about on my early evening walk with Katie – both of us were feeling pretty tired and even though we were standing in front of the supermarket – neither of us could be bothered going through the process of buying food, taking it home, cooking, cleaning – oh god the list never ends. Serious first world problems I know… Obviously the answer these types of problems and in fact, to all of life’s problems is Burger. So the decision was made to seek one out. My first response was Saintly down the road a bit, but I’ve been there, and even though I know it’s amazing I really wanted to try out something new… Across the road was a shiny looking place called Heads & Tails – and this place really looks the part – it’s a modern, fancy looking fish’n’chip shop. More fish and chip bar than shop. Anyway – they had a burger on the menu so in I went. And I wish I hadn’t… I ordered the burger with the lot – which means, lettuce, cheese  caramalised onion, egg, bacon, beef patty and tomato sauce – a standard fish and chip shop burger. I also added pineapple, because I was feeling adventurous and some of their home made aioli.

Unfortunately, the burger was a bit of a disaster truth be told – mainly because the plain white bread bun was either stale, burnt or a bit of both – it was a bit of both, lets be honest. They had toasted it on both sides so all that  meant was that the whole thing crumbled up and fell apart.


The patty tasted “sausagey” and was overcooked , the egg was dead, although the bacon was actually good and grilled pineapple was nice. but still – not a lot of wins for this burger. At least the chips were nice… I’d give the burger a 4.5. Go to saintly instead if you want a burger on Ormond road – I know I will. Look, I’m sure their fish and chips are better – they certainly looked pretty good and the fish looks really fresh, just not a fan of their burgers.

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I love it when I stumble upon a good local burger joint – it’s like I’m Mel Fisher and I’ve discovered the sunken Spanish treasure ship… Ok, maybe not to that extent, but still, I was pretty chuffed this afternoon when my walk led me past the newly updated Saintly (Previously the Elwood Urban burger). Saintly advertise as a healthy burger joint – and I’m guess if you order one of the chicken burgers or perhaps a vegie burger then sure – healthy? But chips and a cheese burger? Lets not beat around the bush, burgers are not healthy – perhaps these burgers are relatively healthy when compared to other burgers? But honestly, I’m not going to choose a burger based on it’s purported health merits – I’m all about flavour (And thankfully these burgers deliver in that department! – healthy or not).

Anyway, so this burger wasn’t actually my idea (honestly) – Katie and I were out walking in the crisp early evening and somehow, unplanned, we walked past Saintly. Katie suggested that perhaps we could just grab a burger for dinner. I felt her suggestion was reasonable and so we went inside for a look at the menu. The menu looked pretty good and the prices reasonable and so we ordered a couple of burgers and some chips. I chose the Hero – which comes with, Bacon, cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce, tomato relish, aioli, and Dijon mustard – I added pickles and ordered it on the brioche bun about $14 I think with the addition of the brioche bun. Katie got the double cheese burger – which is actually double cheese, not double beef, Ketchup, American mustard and pickles – again on the brioche bun – I think about $11 for Katie’s burger.

Both burgers came out after about 10minutes and I have to say were well worth the wait – The buns are a light, soft Brioche, not cakey and not particularly sweet – a great burger bun. The patties were cooked to perfection, pink and juicy in the centre and charred nicely on the outside. The beef is clearly a high quality leaner meat, well seasoned – these needed to be medium due to the lower fat content, but the result was a juicy, really strong beefy flavoured patty. As a side note, these patties are the prefect size for a double – and I’m going have to give this a shot over the weekend just for the sake of research… My burger came with bacon which was delicious and crispy with a smoky note from the grill. The Dijon mustard was a brilliant addition – it worked so well with the beefy patty and the smokey bacon. The tomato chutney and aioli were a nice addition which worked well to add moisture to the burger. The salad elements were ok – although I’m not convinced of the merits of the oakleaf lettuce, I prefer the traditional iceberg… But honestly I’m trying to find things to be critical of, the fact is that this was a damn good burger – I left smiling and feeling full. I’m happy to give this burger a solid 8 as I will most certainly be back. Oh and the fact that the bloke who owns the place decided to have a friendly chat with us after we finished our burgers and was genuinely interested in out opinions and clearly cared about his burgers makes a huge difference. Just another reason why I love living in Elwood!

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Ok, so I’ve been pretty lazy with my blog posts recently. What can I say, I’ve been busy. That’s not to suggest that I haven’t been out and about sampling some of Melbourne’s lovely culinary offerings – I’ve just been to busy to post anything. So here goes – a Brunch post! Elwood Food and Wine has become a semi regular Breakfast brunch place for Katie and I – I mean it’s so easy to get to – about a 10 minute walk…  So on Saturday morning Katie and I decided to head off to some midday brunch action before making our way to the G for the Tigers vs. Giants clash. Pretty much every time we come here I get the same thing – boring I know, but they do it all so well I can’t help myself. Eggs (Either poached or scrambled – depends on my mood), toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon and their amazing baked beans. Since I don’t drink coffee – lets all be honest here, it tastes like something that’s been scrubbed off a burnt oven pan, distilled and then added to hot water – why? Anyway, what was I saying? Ah yes, since I don’t drink that black bilge water, I generally order a nicely civilised pot of English breakfast or if I’m feeling adventurous, perhaps an Earl Grey. Saturday morning was no different. I love the fact that they have moved back to tea pots instead of those weird and complicated glasses with the infuser thingy that I just dripped everywhere – how is one supposed to look civilised whilst spilling ones tea everywhere?? I love the ritual of pouring tea from a tea pot, and I also love the little touch of the tiny teddy biscuit on the side.

On to the breakfast itself – now I generally don’t grade a breakfast based on the eggs, it’s pointless really – they really shouldn’t be too much variation in poached eggs. Although if they stuff this up then it’s unlikely that I’d be going back anytime soon. What I do look at are those “differentiating factors”. For me it’s the bacon, the toast and the baked beans. I hate places the serve short cut middle bacon with all the fat removed – what’s the point, you may as well serve ham! If I wanted to be healthy I wouldn’t order bacon…  The bacon should include the streaky section and it should be cooked, not warmed and soggy. I also hate think cut sour dough toast – you can’t cut it – the crust is like concrete! You can’t eat it without cutting up the inside of your mouth, and although it looks lovely, it’s completely impractical. On both points, Elwood Food and Wine scores well, they serve the whole slice of bacon, nicely cooked. And their toast is thin cut sour dough bread, which still has the lovely rustic flavour but is also practical to eat. Finally we move onto the baked beans – I’m a baked bean lover. If you serve me canned beans for breakfast (and I’m not at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere – in this case I understand) I’m not going to be pleased. Elwood Food and Wine do an outstanding baked bean (Ok, generally more than one outstanding bean, if fact I’d go so far as to say all of their beans that are baked are outstanding…) – house made with a fresh light sauce accompanying the beans which are cooked al dente. They also give you quite a generous serve so you wont be hungry afterwards. Price wise this place is fairly similar to most places around Elwood – not exactly cheap, but reasonable and good quality – you can’t go wrong here. I highly recommend if you are in the area and feel like a nice brunch in a nice location.

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