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After the unmitigated disaster that was last weekends burger hunt, I needed to rebound with something special. There’s still quite a few burgers on my to-do list, and one that has been up the top for quite some time is Laurie Dee’s. The reason I haven’t ticked it off yet is the fact that it’s almost an hour away from where I live. Today I decided it was time. So off on the burger hunt we went. By we I mean, Katie, Chris and of course Lucy.


After the long trip in the car talking about burgers we arrived a fairly ravenous bunch – sprint walking to the restaurant. Thankfully it was pretty quiet and we were seated and ordering before too long. A quick look around Laurie Dee’s and you immediately think Franchise. This place is being positioned to franchise. From the décor to the menu to the layout – it all screams franchise. Not that this is always a bad thing – but it did put me off a little bit at first. The menu is slick and full of delicious photo’s, so after I wiped my drool off the menu, I proceeded to select a burger. I opted for the Double Laurie Dee’s with added bacon ($12.95), Katie went for the Double Bacon & Cheddar ($10.95), and Chris decided to go crazy and opted for the Sloppy Joe ($10.95). We also ordered some chilli cheese fries and I got a Banana Shake – Katie and Chris later ordered some of the “Frozen custard” for dessert.


One thing I will say, is that you probably want to go for the double – the burgers aren’t big – they’re designed to go two patties. Speaking of the patties – very interesting. Apparently they are hand minced daily, which is great, but the way the are cooked is where you get the biggest difference from your normal burger. Very thin and squashed flat, the edges get crispy and very caramelised, which gives you a nice meaty taste. Generally, the danger here would be a rubbery, dry overcooked patty, but at Laurie Dee’s they have avoided that – The patty is still juicy enough, and encased in melted, gooey, American style cheese – so you get that fatty, salty accompaniment to the beef – works well. The overall flavour reminded me of American fast food beef – not unlike five guys actually. The bacon is the next hit – it’s smokey, salty and crisp – delicious. The buns are fairly standard fast food style – very soft and spongy, although not cakey in this case. The sauces were great, although I’ve never been a massive fan of pickle relish – too sweet for me – I’d probably be happy to leave it out next time. Overall a very good fast food style American burger. In fact we all really enjoyed our burgers . The chilli fries were also great – once again very much like what I’ve gotten back in the states – A nice cheesy sauce with a mild chilli – worth getting if you go.


Since I was full from the meal (Plus I had a thick shake – nice enough, but nothing you haven’t had before) I skipped ordering my own dessert. Katie and Chris both really enjoyed theirs and from the sneaky tastes I managed to get, I’d have to agree. Not sure if “frozen custard” is really any different to ice cream, but either way it’s good.

On the long drive home, much of the discussion centred around the rating. Everyone really enjoyed their food – The clear theme was value for money and delivering on the promise of a good fast food style American burger. My thoughts were – as good as it was – it was still fast food quality. Can I go above 7.5 in this case? Chris and Katie seemed to think yes.

I think I’m going to stick to my guns on this one. A very enjoyable, fun burger. If you’ve eaten burgers in the States, you’ll enjoy this. If you like the current gourmet burger trend, then you might rate this burger a little lower. In any case, I’m going rate this a good solid 7.5 with a note that my fellow burger hunters would rate it higher.


Laurie Dee's Hamburgers & Frozen Custard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


No burger hunt in the USA is complete without a trip to a fast food burger joint. Obviously for the sake of research I made a number of trips to various burger franchises – the things I do for research… Generally my list of top burger franchises in the states is topped by places like Wendy’s, In and out burger and Checkers. I spent one trip eating nothing but take out – a bit like super size me, and yes I did get a bit sick… This time around I only had a few opportunities for the fast food burger and I thought I’d discuss some of them here.

First stop was Fuddruckers – worlds greatest hamburgers –


I stopped here in Dallas Fort Worth at the airport as I was waiting for a connecting flight. Not bad, you order the burger, and you get cooked elements presented on an open bun and then you add the fresh elements and sauces yourself at a food station. I like the idea because you can make sure that all the salad elements are fresh and I get to add more pickles!! I ordered the a 1/2lb works which is Smokehouse bacon, American cheese and grilled mushrooms. Unfortunately the burger patty wasn’t great, more steamed than grilled, and so it had a flaccid, grey kind of look. Taste wise, not bad overall, the fact that I controlled half the burger toppings meant that at least I got it the way I wanted, the downside was that after a 15hr flight it as a bit much for my tired brain to take in.

Five guys –


Another quick stop, Katie and I were on the road from DeLand down to Bokeelia on Pine Island near Fort Myer. Katie’s best friend from New York, Melissa had mentioned that Five Guys do a good solid burger. This is another choose your own adventure type burger, so for the uninitiated it can be rather daunting. Once again I stuffed up and didn’t get the right mix (Grilled Mushrooms? Don’t do it…) – I know this because I went back to another Five Guys in West Hollywood and got the right mix of ingredients and was VERY happy. They do a very good burger, the patty is good, everything is fresh, the let down is the bun – too small for the double patty with bacon and cheese and it always falls apart by the end.

Wendy’s –


I’m just going to put it out there – the baconator just might be one of my all time favourite burgers. Please Wendy’s come to Australia – we need you, I need you. Why have you forsaken us, what have we done to deserve this??? Sorry, I just need to get a hold of myself… anyway, Wendy’s burgers are different, you get a square patty, which makes sense from a production point of view and doesn’t seem to detract from the burger in anyway. I had a double on the new pretzel bun with Bacon and cheese – always hits the spot. Polished it off which a huge Dr Pepper – their large is over 1lt in size.

I also did McDonalds and Burger King – but since we have these at home I won’t bother writing them up and I didn’t bother to get a photo.

You can’t rate these burgers up against a restaurant burger – they are two completely different beasts. On the one hand you have mass produced, fast food, and on the other hand you have made to order, fresh, professionally created burgers. I would say though, that Five Guys would come close to a lot of the burgers I’ve tried – it’s a quality burger, but it’s priced a bit higher than the others, so you would expect that. Regardless – all the burgers hit the spot. You won’t go wrong with any of these options