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A nice sports bar with about 500 HD screens showing non-stop sports – OK not 500 screens, but it seems like every spare nook and/or cranny (What is a cranny by the way? Or nook for that matter…) has a huge HD screen on it. You can pretty much watch any sport your heat desires here. From curling to hurling I guess. Katie and I got excited to see that they even had AFL football playing on one screen – my sport of choice. Then we saw it was a GWS game (Australian Joke!). They also have a whole wall of beer on tap – I guess that’s where the name comes from? Anyway, my father-in-law had suggested Half wall, so obviously it was great. guess I can just end it there. I don’t argue with Mac – The guy is 6’4″ and an ex- Gator offensive line football player, and my father-in-law, obviously. It is wise to agree with him, smile and nod… Just kidding ūüėČ
But seriously, any recommendation from a man who surely has had his fair share of American Burgers over that last 50 odd year is well worth investigating.

Somehow the idea to stop for the burger was my wife’s idea – perhaps those subliminal messages I’ve been sending her have been doing the trick. I played it cool and responded “sure darling, what ever you feel like.” I was hoping that she didn’t change her mind. Thankfully, it all worked out and she was none the wiser.


So, the burger at Half wall – it’s a half pounder, not small by any stretch. A true two hander. Pretty standard type American pub burger – it comes open, with the cheese and bacon on the patty on one side and the lettuce, tomato and onion on the other side. You sauce the burger yourself. I ordered mayonnaise, then used the ketchup and mustard on the table to make my own burger sauce. There was no pickle. NO pickle. I was not amused… Apart from that little issue, the burger was clearly a high quality burger, good quality chuck beef, nice bacon, I chose American Cheddar, which was melted nicely, salty, smokey bacon on top. The tomato, onion and lettuce I squished on top of all of that and then added my sauces to the bun. The bun was a nice soft white bread, did the job, although as usual, a little sweet for my taste. The meat was good but under seasoned, so unfortunately it lacked for full flavour, although it was cooked medium which was nice for a change. I’d like to try this again, it had the elements of a really good pub burger, however, it needs a pickle, and they need to season the meat. I give it a 7 – good, but not quite great.

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God, it was a hot and steamy day on the 4th of July that lead us to walk through the doors of McConnell’s Irish Pub on Duval street. By hot and steamy, I mean, I was literally dripping sweat, every pore in my body appeared to be doing it’s best to cover me in salty water – because obviously that would make me feel more comfortable right? Stupid body…. Anyway, Katie and I had been adventuring around Key West for the better part of the day – I say adventuring because we had just been though the awesome Mel Fisher museum – what a great story! If you ever get the chance to go to Key West, give Mel Fishers a visit, well worth the time and effort to learn about their quest for Spanish treasures that were taken from the new world and ship wrecked on the journey back to Spain in the early 17th century.

Anyway, as a result of our cultural adventuring, we had built up a bit of an appetite and I had told Kate about another restaurant on Duval street that did what looked like a pretty interesting Burger. Unfortunately after carrying our sweaty, tired selves to the destination in mind we were greeted with the lovely sight of a closed restaurant (Closed for 4th of July). Katie was not pleased with my planning and so a decision was made to walk back to the nearest place that sold cold beverages and food. McConnell’s was our lucky destination. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the Brasil vs. Columbia world cup clash was about to start. We got there about 40mins before kick off and just before a rush of people poured into the pub, thus we got our orders in, some cool beverages and a great spot to watch the match. On the match – seriously, did the ref loose his yellow/red cards, or swallow his whistle – Neymar gets a a knee in the back and a broken vertebrae – but that’s an ok challenge?? I felt the better side won – But anyway, I’ll end my rant there, we are here to talk food.


So obviously, with low expectations, but not really caring at this stage, I ordered the burger, and Katie ordered the fish taco’s… The burger was actually really quite good. I ordered mine with Bacon and a fried egg, and I ordered the patty medium. On this occasion they actually cooked the patty medium which was a nice surprise! The burger bun was a nice soft Kaiser bun, it did it’s best to contain the huge burger, but fell apart a bit simply because I could not get this behemoth in my mouth in one bite – I had to go around the edges and cut angles to make an impression on the burger. Soft buns work best on these types of burgers, but it’s always a challenge when the burger gets to high to fit in your mouth. This was also what I cal a two hander, so it was a pretty generous meal. ¬†Once again I had to sauce the burger myself, I cut up the pickle spear and added the ketchup and mustard that was provided on the table, the runny egg yolk combined with the sauces and melted cheese to create a lovely saucy feel – a little bit messy to eat, but as you know, I reckon a good burger should leave you with sauce all over you fingers – paper towel was provided! The burger came with your choice of cheese – I chose cheddar, then you get, tomato, lettuce and red onion and I added Bacon as well. The only let down was¬†the meat – it wasn’t seasoned well enough and so it lacked any real beefy punch, it was a bit soft and tasted a little washed out, overpowered by everything else instead of being the star of the show. Look, at the end of the meal I was left feeling pretty satisfied – This was a solid Pub burger, all the elements seemed to be well done and fresh. You really can’t complain if you are just walking in to watch a football match and take some shelter from the heat with a nice cleansing libation. I’d give it a 7.

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This place is ridiculous – in a really amazing, awesome, slightly dirty way. If you go to Key West you really need to give this place a go. Well, let me clarify, if you are easily offended by sexual innuendo, slightly naughty descriptions of food and beverages, or are one of those weird people that HATE sugar, well, you probably shouldn’t go. Go and do what ever it is that makes you happy. I’m sure you have an exciting life. If you are like me, and you love your food in all shapes and sizes, then make sure you put this place on your to-do list. Katie and I had booked in to visit for dessert after our lovely meal at the Flaming Buoy filet co., we figured 10:30pm would be a good time, apparently they are open to 12am so that gave us plenty of time.

Anyway I guess I should get on with describing the experience. It’s going to be difficult to review this place and keep it PG, but I’ll give it my best shot. I guess dessert is always just a little bit naughty, I mean, you know you really shouldn’t, but damn it’s so good, how can you say no, just one little bite, one little scoop, it can’t hurt can it?? Better than Sex takes the idea that dessert is always just a little naughty, and runs with it. The place is so dark with the mood lighting, that they used to give you a ¬†flash light just so you could see your menus – now, they give you iPads.

Inside is all red mood lighting and seductive music, nothing overtly rude, but a lot of “suggestive” art work adorns the walls. The overall feel is one of sensuality and seduction. Well, that’s pretty much what dessert is all about anyway right? The offerings are only desserts and drinks, and everything is sexed up. Looking at the menu you get things like… um, just trying find something not totally R-rated to mention… OK, well it’s actually rather hard to talk about the food and beverage without being a little bit inappropriate… Um, basically they offer a bunch of over-the-top, amazing dessert options along with some really creative drinks, all described in an hilarious and totally inappropriate manner, the names of the drinks and desserts are even more inappropriate (And I mean that in a good humored, funny kind of way). Oh, I should mention the drinks – What they do is the coat the rims of the glasses with say dark chocolate or caramel and then you lick that as you drink your wine. The pairings work amazingly well. I ordered a Paringa sparkling Shiraz – how very Australian of me I know right. But the rim of the glass was dipped in dark chocolate, wow did this just pair amazingly well with the wine. The dessert I got was called… OK, I won’t go there on that one, but it was basically a red velvet cheesecake. OMG was it delicious. Katie got the twist and stout – which was a chocolate cake, with chocolaty frosting and all this other amazing stuff…
Look, if you really want to look at the menu you should go to their website (warning though – it is fairly rude ūüėČ ) Anyway, what a food adventure this one was – to be honest, this idea could really have fallen flat, and crossed the line and just been a bit too dirty and just bad taste. Initially I was a little put off, I can be a bit of a prude, but I’m glade I went. Look, ¬†I’m sure a lot of people will find the restaurant in bad taste. Just don’t go if you are easily offended. Also, don’t try to take your kids there – I don’t think they allow under 13’s anyway. At the end of the day this place just really works – and the reason – the wait staff are obvious foodies, and they clearly know their stuff. But not just that, their warmth and humour allow they whole experience to be fun and not awkward. I highly recommend this place – if you love your dessert (and have a sense of humour) you’ll love this place.

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Ok, so first let me declare that I am no “Parrothead” – for those of you who don’t know, that is someone who is a fan of Jimmy Buffett’s music. Like my father-in-law. Who is a massive fan and has been trying to convert me. If I hear, “why don’t we get drunk (and screw)” or “cheese burger in paradise” one more time… Suffice it to say I will never be a parrothead – but good on you if you are, just don’t play that music near me! Anyway, regardless of my thoughts on his island/country style music, if you have gone to the effort of writing a song about a cheeseburger and then offer said cheeseburger in your restaurants, well, that’s a cheeseburger I’d like to try. So, after exploring hot and humid Key West, walking around Duval street, Katie and I decided it was high time for a cool refreshing beverage and a bite to eat. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafe is actually a chain – a fact that I was unaware of before I stepped though the doors, but one that is blindingly obvious as soon as you do. The place screams tourist trap and felt soulless as all good chain restaurants do. The servers look disinterested and like they would rather be anywhere else than serving you. Actually I’m probably being a bit harsh, but this was certainly not the best service we’ve had. But lets put that to one side, we are here to talk about the food right? Otherwise I would have called my blog “Andrewsrestaurantadventures”. Ok, so what was I talking about – oh yeah, chain restaurant and cheeseburgers in paradise. Right, this¬†version of the restaurant¬†I think is the original location –¬†which I guess makes it better than just another franchise location. The place was packed so that’s a good sign and the meals coming out looked huge. One dish that blew my mind was the nachos – I think that’s what they were, some mountain of corn chips and toppings that must have been a meter high and¬†5kgs in weight – Crazy. wpid-20140703_034314.jpgObviously I didn’t really need to look at the menu, I knew what I was getting ahead of time. Katie wanted to get some conch fritters (Which seemed to very light on the conch) to start and she ordered that¬†coconut shrimp¬†– I got the cheeseburger (in paradise). On the menu the cheeseburger is described as “one of the best cheeseburgers in Key West, topped with American cheese, lettuce, and tomato”. The waitress asked if I wanted any mustard, mayonnaise or sauce – to which I said yes to all three. I really hate the fact that you have to sauce the burger yourself – I mean, yes I can make a damn good burger sauce, but I’m PAYING someone else to make my meal, I don’t want to do it myself… Anyway, I’ll get off my high horse on this one, lots of places in the USA do this – something about choice being a good thing, blah blah. I also cut up the pickle wedge that served on the side and added the into my burger… The patty was 100% chuck which I ordered medium – they cooked it medium well if I’m being generous, although I pretty sure there was not a hint of pink in the patty if I’m being honest. Still, it was pretty juicy, although I do find that 100% chuck beef gives a standard kind of fast food type flavour, it’s fine, but at a restaurant and when I’m paying a fairly high price I probably want at least a mixture that gives a less fatty feeling and a stronger beef flavour. wpid-img_20140703_070954.jpg I also felt that the patty might have been pre-formed and possibly frozen. The lettuce was cut weirdly, in this square wedge that you can sort of make out in that terrible photo I took (Sorry, I was tired and hot – it’s like 100 here everyday). That meant that some bites I got a lot of lettuce and others, no lettuce. The tomato was very fresh and slightly mushy, and with only one small slice, most of the time I wasn’t getting any tomato anyway. The bun was quite good, a generic hamburger bun, soft white bread with sesame seeds. Overall, I’d have to say that I like the burger better than the song, but not by a lot. I’d give it a 6.5.

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wpid-20140702_000952.jpgWondering around Key West on our way to Duval street last night, Katie and I walked passed this little French cafe. The Menu looked promising for breakfast so we promised ourselves that we would come back the next day for breakfast. After a late night both of us were looking forward to a nice breakfast, and so off we went on the short stroll around the corner to Frenchie’s Cafe. The place was pretty busy so we sat out the back in the little courtyard, although it was pretty hot, the place was well shaded, had a fan directed on us and was surrounded by potted palms so it felt very comfortable. We ordered our breakfasts and sat sipping our tea and coffee while we waited. I ordered a Croque Madame and Katie ordered a baguette and a croissant. The sound of french accents from inside the kitchen was encouraging and lent an authentic air to the experience. The Croque Madam was impressive when it came out, all gratinated cheesey goodness and a lovely sunny-side up egg perfectly cooked, perched on top. The b√©chamel sauce was creamy and delicious, the ham was good, lightly smoked, the Swiss cheese (I assume Gruy√®re but it they didn’t specify) lent a lovely nutty cheesiness, and the homebaked bread was terrific. This was just what I needed – I could tell Katie had major plate envy. We’ll probably go back tomorrow for breakfast it was so good!

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That’s more like it America – I’ve been waiting for a burger that would make me smile with my mouth full. Thanks to Nevermind, awesome bar and eatery, I finally had a burger that made me think – mmm this is a tasty burger. Ok, so let me explain how I happened to find myself on a hot Sunday afternoon, alone, in a bar in Cape Coral, Burger in hand, stupid smile on my face. I had gone out for diner With Katie and the in-laws at a place called Reds fresh seafood house (I’ll write up the blog post for reds soon) in Bokeelia and during the course of a lovely meal, Mac had struck up a conversation with the waiter – Shaun – and somehow we had drifted on to a conversation about burgers. Shaun mentioned that a place in Cape Coral, about 40 mins away, did amazing burgers. With a hot tip like this I just had to make this happen. Fast forward to Sunday and with everyone else either off fishing or napping I decided the time was ripe to make a break for it and get myself a sneaky little afternoon Burger. 40 minutes later I was sitting at the bar ordering a Bitch’n Triple Bacon Burger. The Burger is pretty pricey by American Standards, $14, although it also comes with Parmesan fries (Amazingly good). I ordered my Burger medium, and then waited for it to come out. 10 long minutes later, the cherry-wood triple smoked bacon, double meat and cheese burger arrived.


It was cut in half and presented as pictured with the two cut sides sitting in a pool of ketchup. The bacon was sticking invitingly out the top in a sort – “hello boys” kinda fashion, Oh that cheeky bacon… The bun seemed like it was pressed, or like they had used the heel of two buns, either way, it created an interesting bread to beef ratio that really worked. The bread was fresh and soft and simply framed the burger instead of dominating the burger like some buns can.The meat was oozing juice, quality beef, cooked medium, delicious and beefy, the cheese was melted American cheddar, and the bacon… Oh the Bacon. This is the Bacon you dream of. Cherry wood triple smoked bacon. Smokey, salty, meaty, crispy, deliciousy… Ok so I added one too many y’s. But you get the picture. Finally the burger was sauced generously with Ketchup – that’s it. A simple burger, absolutely nailed. This is what I want when I think of a Bacon cheese burger. And to Nevermind’s chef (Who I watched cook this meaty magic marvel), well played sir!! I give it a 8.5.

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Doc Fords… the name just kept coming up – in fact I picked up a novel in a gift shop and the book featured Doc Ford as a character! Seemed like I was getting hints from the aether – Turns out it’s a restaurant in south west Florida, with two¬†locations, both¬†near me! How could I argue with such omens?¬†Also, the name of the restaurant features the words, Rum, Bar and Grille – So when Katie and I went for a drive down to Sanibel ¬†island, well, let’s just say there was very little¬†need for Katie to convince me to stop for lunch at Doc Fords. The place in Captiva looked a bit¬†touristy so I was a little worried at first, but then I thought – most places in south west Florida seem touristy. Anyway, so, it was about 94F (Ok – it’s about that every day lets be honest…), and of course the first thing we did when we got there was order some refreshments. Katie got a virgin Mojito and I got a local beverage of the malt and hops variety that certainly quenched my¬†thirst. Next we needed to do something about our appetites – Due to the fact that this place boasts about its seafood we decided we should start with¬†a seafood appetizer. Crab cakes were selected, they came with an interesting jicama coleslaw (Jicama feels a little like green apple in texture, but has a mellow flavour). Katie, who’s a bit of a crab cake aficionado thought they were lovely – to me, they tasted like crab cakes…


Now, I honestly thought that I was going to get some form of seafood for my lunch – but then I saw there was a burger on the menu – and it sang out to me. It said, “Andrew, stop piss farting around with these fish sandwiches and get a real meal”… Anyway, that’s how I sold it to my wife – she just rolled her eyes at me and said, get whatever you want… So I got the burger, and I added cheese and I added bacon.¬†Katie ordered the fish sandwich – which apparently was voted the number #1 fish sandwich. Not sure where this #1 ranking comes from, but that’s what it said on the menu (It certainly didn’t get a number 1 ranking from Katie – she was pretty unimpressed). Anyway, so the first thing I noticed about the burger was the fact that the bun was brown bread. On the menu it said whole wheat – since I never know what things mean in America I just let it slide, but brown bread? Why?? I don’t want a healthy bread bun with my bacon cheese burger? Massive point deduction there. I was annoyed before I even put it in my mouth.



After finishing with my little tantrum I tried the burger, and it was actually OK. The bun wasn’t as bad as I had assumed, a bit on the sweet side, a little nutty, probably would have worked well with some BBQ sauce or say a pulled pork sandwich – but still not the ideal partner to a beef burger. The patty was a good quality, freshly ground beef, grilled over a flame, I’m sure it would have been really good. However I ordered it medium, they decided to cook it well done. To the point it was dry. Really doesn’t matter what sort of meat they used now. The Bacon was amazing, again cooked over the flame, crispy, charred, smokey. The cheese was the sliced and prepackaged variety – pretty bland, but does its job. I had to sauce the bun myself – I used both the ketchup and mustard provided – and then I added the pickle, closed up¬†the burger with the red onion, tomato (First time I’ve been given ripe tomato that actually has some flavour whilst I’ve been on this trip) and lettuce. The overall experience with this burger was very underwhelming. Dry, poor bun choice, and lacking a burger sauce to put it over the edge. Would not recommend – probably a 6.5 at most.

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My fondest Grouper Sandwich memory is from Berts Bar & Grill in Matlacha. A couple of years ago on the trip back from Bokeelia going up to Kathy and Mac’s in Deland, Katie and I stopped in Matlacha – which is this quaint little fishing town on an island between Pine island and the mainland. There’s a bunch of eccentric little boutiques and galleries, a few ice cream places, a couple of restaurants, and Berts. Berts is located on the water – it’s a Bar that has a deck out back, usually with some live music playing, a great spot to stop for some refreshments. They also serve pretty simple yet¬†tasty, unpretentious food. The kind that usually comes in a basket or on disposable plates. Anyway, I just remember the Grouper Sandwich I had that time, the freshest Grouper, cooked to perfection – it’s the Grouper sandwich I hope to get every time I order a Grouper sandwich…

So, on the drive back from our little trip out to Fort Myers today, I had the opportunity to once again sample the food at Berts. An afternoon wondering around the Ford and Edison estate and getting my fill of history in the museums, had worked up a fair appetite. After an order of cool refreshing beverages (It was pretty hot – 94F I think today), we ordered our meals. Katie and I ordered the Beach bread with Shrimp for the appetizer and then I got a Grouper sandwich – fried, and Katie got the Philly Cheese steak. I had flip flopped about getting the burger, which looked really good, but at the end of the day, how could I go past the Grouper sandwich?? Anyway, so the Beach Bread came out quickly – not bad. Cheesey bread with shrimp meat added on top, you can’t really go wrong, but a bit pricey at just over 10 bucks with tax – probably should have gone the wings… Well anyway,¬†we wolfed that down quick smart and then my wait for the Grouper Sandwich of legend began. I’m sure the lovely waitress refilled our soda’s 5 times, I was drinking them about as fast as she could refill them!

After what seemed like hours (But was probably 10 minutes max) the moment arrived – and I almost wish it hadn’t. From the moment I saw the sandwich I knew it wouldn’t come close to the sandwich from my memories. The bun was a little doughy and probably not the freshest, ok, but just felt like it had come out of a bag from the supermarket after sitting on the shelf for a couple of days.


The Grouper was over cooked and again not the freshest fish I’ve had this trip, even the lettuce and tomato had seen better days – and the Tarter sauce had started to split a little… Oh the disappointment. Katie’s meal was great, and my house made chips were good. The Grouper Sandwich? Not so great, in fact I’d say the bottom of the bunch I’ve had this trip. Such a disappointment because I had really looked forward to Berts pretty much the entire trip. Oh well – what is it they say? C’est la vie…

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Grouper LF1
Another Grouper Sandwich in paradise – my life really sucks… Yep, I can feel your pity. Anyway, so we “forgot” to bring the steaks from home to cook for dinner down at Kathy and Macs condo in Bokeelia on Pine Island Florida. What a shame… As a consequence, we had to walk around the corner to the local, a sea shanty style place called Lazy Flamingo. I’ve been here a few times before, so I know the place is pretty good value. Decided I’d shout the in-laws dinner, nice move since this place is cheap ūüėČ Ok, in comparison to Australia EVERYWHERE is cheap, so it’s always a win.

We were all pretty hungry after the 4 and half hour drive from Deland to Bokeelia so it was no surprise when Mac ordered a full size plate of fried oysters to start, along with some smoked fish dip. I’ll leave any kind of¬†smoked fish dip alone (Not my thing), so we can move on from that one. And I was skeptical about the fried oyster idea, however the big pile of golden oyster nuggets that came out on a bed of delicious fries lasted all of about 5 minutes. We demolished those tasty little gems. The fried oysters were breaded in a lightly spicy coating, which still allowed for a very subtle oyster flavour to come though, dipped in cocktail sauce or Tartar sauce – just lovely. Definitely getting these again.

But lets talk about the mains – ¬†I toyed with the idea of getting a burger, however, since I had indulged in a five guys burger for lunch, I felt I could probably go with out a burger for dinner. Instead, I went way out of my comfort zone and got a Grouper Sandwich… Ok, so not the most creative choice, but I know they make them good here so, you know… Anyway, the Grouper Sandwich came out hot and fresh. I like they way they set it up, with the lettuce, Vidalia onions and pickles skewered to the top part of the bun and one large fried slab of Grouper on the bottom side ready to combine burger style. I also really like the fact that both halves of the bun were generously “buttered” with Tartar sauce. The bun was a really soft, a bit like what we would call a damper roll back home – it worked really well with the hot fried Grouper, compressing around all the elements and holding everything together. This was a quality Grouper Sandwich – well prepared, good quality ingredients. Very good. The only downside was that the Grouper probably wasn’t the best quality Grouper I’ve ever had. Overall though – I’d give this place a highly recommended.

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One of the first things that I really need every time I come to Florida is a Grouper Sandwich.¬†For those of you from back home, this is not a sandwich as any Australian would imagine it, but more what we would call a Fish Burger. I’ve been on a Grouper Sandwich hunt before and Oceans in New Smyrna Beach is the benchmark by which all other Grouper Sandwiches are measured. Probably due to the fact that this was the¬†first¬†Grouper Sandwich I ever had. I still recall that¬†first sandwich, oh what a magical moment… The first bite, what a sensational experience – the realisation that I had just¬†experienced a¬†culinary life changing moment. Of course, the one downside with my first¬†Grouper Sandwich being from Oceans is that it’s a pretty high benchmark, of which many sandwiches (Although not all) have since fallen short.

So what to do on my second full day in DeLand Florida? Drive to Oceans in New Smyrna and get myself a Grouper Sandwich before hitting the beach for a swim that’s what. The Grouper Sandwich is usually a fairly simple affair. You get the bun, the fish which is normally¬†breaded and fried, cos lettuce (Which I think they call Romaine), tomato, Vidalia onion¬†rings and Tartar and Cocktail sauce on the side. Some come with a pickle. The sandwich usually comes open, and you put it together yourself. It’s simple, but it works.


Oceans has got theirs down to a fine art. The bun is a generous size, a white bread, slightly sweet like all American breads, soft on the inside, with a slightly crunchy crust Рnot toasted. As you can see from the photo, they serve theirs open and you put it together yourself. I added a generous amount of Tartar sauce to the bottom bun beneath the fish Рof which I got two fairly large pieces, I then topped it with the onion rings, tomato and lettuce.

20140624_041552[1]What, makes this burger is the fish – Grouper works so well because it stays together – it doesn’t flake apart, and yet it has a lovely soft texture and a slightly sweet subtle fish flavour. Oceans¬†does their Grouper in a really nice breading, more like a fried chicken kinda crumb, and their fish is fresh and cooked to perfection. The simple toppings allow the fish to star, and the overall experience is just heaven in a bun. Oh, and a side note on Vidalia onions – these are sweet onions, which still have the texture of a normal onion, but lack the punch in the face onion hit. The result being that you get a nice mellow onion note in the background which complements the fish, instead of drowning it out. Price wise the Grouper is always the more expensive option to put in the sandwich – at Oceans you get a side of Fries and the Sandwich for $12.49 – almost double the price of a normal Fish sandwich, but it’s worth it. No other fish really does the dish justice like the Grouper, so don’t be tight – splash out on the Grouper and you wont regret it.


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