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In March this year I got an email from Jetstar with a special deal for flights to Tokyo – less than $300 each way. I thought about this for a moment and then realised that Shane and I had about $2000 in the diners club account… A thought bubble began to form. I looked at the available dates, it was possible to book the flights for the long weekend in November, which by that stage we’d have another $1000 in the account. I called Shane. We got excited. I asked my wife. I booked the flights – I think this was the order… either way things were booked and good to go. We added a couple of extra’s that brought the price out a bit – I got a baggage allowance and we both got meals and the ability to choose out seats. I think the final price was close to $700 – still very cheap!  We booked the flights for Friday 31st October departing Melbourne at 11pm and arriving in Tokyo Narita at 7:20 am Saturday the 1st November, Two full days in Tokyo and then the flight home on Monday 3rd of November leaving Tokyo Narita at midday and arriving around Midnight. It was interesting to tell people about our plans – most of our colleagues or friends seemed perplexed and  would often ask, “why are you only going for two days?”. Our response of course was that we were just going out for dinner – it just happened to be in Tokyo – that’s just the way we roll…

Tokyo has more Micheline stars than any other city on the planet – what this means is there is a wealth of options for fine dining. Both of us planned to learn some Japanese before the trip – I bought a book… That worked out well… At least I could say hello and thank you. We both had phrase books to back us up just in case.

Anyway, planning began in earnest, a few months out from the trip, we had to research and book a three star restaurant after all. After a bit of research, we finally decided on Joel Robuchon’s restaurant – lets be honest here, he’s only one of the best names in fine French cuisine in the world – his three starred restaurant Chateau Joel Robuchon Ebisu also happened to be open on the Sunday night and they spoke English to us over the phone – all good things. Also their menu looked amazing and how do you go past the Name – one of the best Chefs in the world, Three stars!!!

We booked our accommodation on the back of a recommendation from one of Shane’s work mates who had been to Japan before – The Granbell Shinjuku. We got a small room each for less than $100 per night! Once all of this was organised we promptly got so busy for the next couple of months that we hardly spoke about the up coming trip. A couple a nights before we were due to leave Shane came down to Melbourne and we were able to book a food tour for the Saturday night, book our tickets for the skyliner fast train from Narita (Not quite a bullet train but it goes 160 Kph none the less!), and organise our bags. We also organised the cash side of things, both using cash cards, loaded with Yen. Christopher has given us the name of the guy he uses through Uber, to drive us to the airport in style, so we booked that, pretty much everything we need to organise was done. The next few days seemed to drag on. I can tell you…

I’ll up load the photos and the first day of the trip soon – stay tuned.