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God, it was a hot and steamy day on the 4th of July that lead us to walk through the doors of McConnell’s Irish Pub on Duval street. By hot and steamy, I mean, I was literally dripping sweat, every pore in my body appeared to be doing it’s best to cover me in salty water – because obviously that would make me feel more comfortable right? Stupid body…. Anyway, Katie and I had been adventuring around Key West for the better part of the day – I say adventuring because we had just been though the awesome Mel Fisher museum – what a great story! If you ever get the chance to go to Key West, give Mel Fishers a visit, well worth the time and effort to learn about their quest for Spanish treasures that were taken from the new world and ship wrecked on the journey back to Spain in the early 17th century.

Anyway, as a result of our cultural adventuring, we had built up a bit of an appetite and I had told Kate about another restaurant on Duval street that did what looked like a pretty interesting Burger. Unfortunately after carrying our sweaty, tired selves to the destination in mind we were greeted with the lovely sight of a closed restaurant (Closed for 4th of July). Katie was not pleased with my planning and so a decision was made to walk back to the nearest place that sold cold beverages and food. McConnell’s was our lucky destination. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the Brasil vs. Columbia world cup clash was about to start. We got there about 40mins before kick off and just before a rush of people poured into the pub, thus we got our orders in, some cool beverages and a great spot to watch the match. On the match – seriously, did the ref loose his yellow/red cards, or swallow his whistle – Neymar gets a a knee in the back and a broken vertebrae – but that’s an ok challenge?? I felt the better side won – But anyway, I’ll end my rant there, we are here to talk food.


So obviously, with low expectations, but not really caring at this stage, I ordered the burger, and Katie ordered the fish taco’s… The burger was actually really quite good. I ordered mine with Bacon and a fried egg, and I ordered the patty medium. On this occasion they actually cooked the patty medium which was a nice surprise! The burger bun was a nice soft Kaiser bun, it did it’s best to contain the huge burger, but fell apart a bit simply because I could not get this behemoth in my mouth in one bite – I had to go around the edges and cut angles to make an impression on the burger. Soft buns work best on these types of burgers, but it’s always a challenge when the burger gets to high to fit in your mouth. This was also what I cal a two hander, so it was a pretty generous meal.  Once again I had to sauce the burger myself, I cut up the pickle spear and added the ketchup and mustard that was provided on the table, the runny egg yolk combined with the sauces and melted cheese to create a lovely saucy feel – a little bit messy to eat, but as you know, I reckon a good burger should leave you with sauce all over you fingers – paper towel was provided! The burger came with your choice of cheese – I chose cheddar, then you get, tomato, lettuce and red onion and I added Bacon as well. The only let down was the meat – it wasn’t seasoned well enough and so it lacked any real beefy punch, it was a bit soft and tasted a little washed out, overpowered by everything else instead of being the star of the show. Look, at the end of the meal I was left feeling pretty satisfied – This was a solid Pub burger, all the elements seemed to be well done and fresh. You really can’t complain if you are just walking in to watch a football match and take some shelter from the heat with a nice cleansing libation. I’d give it a 7.

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