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Burger pic 4

Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill is not the easiest place to find – located in an industrial area it’s quite easy to “blink and miss it”. In fact I must have been blinking quite a bit, because I think I drove past the place about 3 times before I eventually found it! I had heard some good things about Fat Bob’s and so I was rather looking forward to trying the burgers here. Apparently the owner – Bob, had come up with the idea for the burger bar whilst enjoying a beer and a burger over in the States. Having spent some time sampling the delights of the beers and burgers of America myself, I was very keen to try the burger’s that were inspired by Bob’s adventures. To be safe, I decided to enlist the help of my well qualified gourmet friend Chris, once again on my burger adventuring just to ensure that there was a range of expert opinions as we sampled Bob’s Burgers… Anyway, when we arrived, the inside area was booked solid and there was a 30-40 minute wait on the burgers (They have a sign on the wall to show the burger wait time – great idea!). This just reinforced to me that the burgers must be good for so many people to be happy to wait such a long time – either that, or the old sheep factor was working a treat here. I decided to order some popcorn chicken and a Sam Adams just to make sure I had something to eat and drink while I waited for my burger. As a side note, they have a really good selection of beers here, all at fairly reasonable prices. I’m a fan of the Boston beer, Samuel Adams, and at $8.50 I was very happy. I ordered the Fat Bob’s burger without beetroot (I just can’t stand beetroot…) And Chris ordered the Spartan.

Burger pic 3

The  Burger’s actually took about 25mins so there wasn’t too much of a wait. As they arrived in their baskets, I noted that each burger was well presented, the buns looked and felt great, a nice soft bun, of generous size. My burger came with an egg which as you can see was nicely cooked, with a runny yolk, bacon, pineapple, tasty cheese, onion, tomato and cos lettuce. The only sauce it came with was tomato – which was on the side and you had to sauce the burger yourself.

Burger pic 1

The patty was cooked to a medium and was beefy and juicy – a really good quality meat, in fact all the elements of the burger were clearly well prepared and of a really high quality. I was a big fan of the egg in this burger – the way the yolk basted the burger and acted as a sauce was just delicious. But then it had to because the only sauce in this burger was tomato sauce  and unfortunately there were no other sauces at the table. And herein lies the rub… The burger, whilst clearly made up of high quality components, just didn’t leverage these high quality ingredients- it tasted plain, boring almost. The cheese was tasteless, and added nothing to the burger, the bun whilst soft and great in the hand had a plain, white bread taste, the meat was lovely but lacked any smokiness as it was cooked on a hot plate and not a grill, the bacon was the short cut variety and wasn’t smoked, had a bit of a ham flavour, and the only sauce was basic tomato sauce. The overall experience was just a little underwhelming.

burger pic 2

Unfortunately this wasn’t limited to my burger, Chris had the same problem with his BBQ burger, not enough sauce, not enough salt, lacking in punch. Ultimately I was left thinking that this was more like a good quality Aussie fish and chip shop burger and not what I would expect of a Burger inspired by the States. To be honest, I probably should have realised that it wasn’t going to be an “American” Burger. It had pineapple, egg and beetroot as toppings on the standard burger… I mean that’s probably what they were going for – Good quality Aussie style. Look, I guess if you want a solid, but fairly plain burger – that is, you don’t want to be blown away by something that tastes different or special, then this would be your burger. At the end of the day it’s a quality burger that does basic really well. However, for my money, I want special and I like flavour. I’d give a 7.

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