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I’ve been hearing good things about this place for a while now – it’s been up the top of my to do list, but since I’ve been on a bit of a burger break, it’s taken a while to make it down to Mick Adams.

Lucy and I were out and about, enjoying the mid spring sunshine when I decided it was time to make the trip. Lucy didn’t mind, I mentioned there might be “chippies”, and she was all for the adventure.

Mick Adams is located just out front of the Oakleigh shopping center, at the end of the Eaton Mall. We were there in the late afternoon so it wasn’t actually too busy -I was able to find a table with enough space to leave Lucy in the pram and not feel like I was annoying anyone. Settled in, I had some decisions to make. After careful consideration of the menu and discussions with Lucy, I decided to go for the The Big T, add bacon (obviously), and a bowl of beer battered chips. Not cheap – the total with a can of soft drink came in at over $30. At this price point I was expecting a premium burger experience. The Big T with Bacon is a $19 burger – and when it arrived I could understand why. This thing was pretty big. Good thing I hadn’t eaten yet. As you can probably tell from the photo, this baby is pretty easy on the eyes – a well put together burger.

First bite in – you get a nice soft bun, a little sweet, but not too much. Just picking the thing up suggest that this is going to be a hard burger to keep together – quite heavy in the hand and already dripping. Probably the first thing you notice is the meat – it’s a really beef driven burger – the meat shines through, well seasoned, beefy, juicy, a good meat to fat ratio, and cooked medium – just a hint of pink – which is always a good thing. The bacon was a little strange, it was sliced really thinly and reminded me of times that I’ve cooked thin sliced ham – It can get a little tough. Too much of the short cut and not enough of the fatty bit. It didn’t add what I wanted in this case, so I was a bit disappointed.

The burger is a fairly simple affair, cheese, tomato, fresh crunchy iceberg lettuce and pickles – sauces are aioli and ketchup. I really noticed the absence of the onion. For me it normally creates that sharp back note that balances the fatty beef , It was missed in this burger. The elements themselves were all good quality, and well put together, however, I wanted something more – more sauce, mustard, onion, better bacon??? I’m not sure, but something was missing…

Perhaps they wanted to create a burger that let the meat standout – and they certainly did that. It really was the key element. But after a while, it became a little too one note for me. I wanted some sort of contrast/compliment to the beef. Don’t get me wrong, the meat was a really good quality – but it was no aged Wagyu sirloin. I wonder if this is just because it was a double meat patty burger. I’ve experienced this before, and I find that sometimes the double can really throw out the balance of the burger. If it’s not done right the double patty can just be – too meaty. Did I just say that? I know right – too meaty. Can that even be a problem? But a good burger has to be about balance. I think next time I’d try the single patty version – which I think would probably work better.

Overall, a well put together burger, quality ingredients, just lacking in something – I’d give it a solid 7.5.

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Quite a few people had told me that I needed to get down to Burgled and sample their burger offerings, I’m just annoyed that I didn’t act on this information sooner. Located not far from Huntingdale station – admittedly not the most picturesque of locations – Burgled is actually a couple of stops from my work. This may not work out well for my expanding waistline. I’m calling it a sympathy pregnancy belly (it’s a thing)… Wont be able to get away with that in 5 weeks though. Hmm, Burger and baby adventures?? Good excuse… Anyway, I digress… Burgled offers unpretentious, quality burgers in the south east – a diamond in the rough.

Damo was along for the ride on this one on a warm Saturday afternoon, thankfully it was early as the place was filling up fast.  We both ordered the same meals, starting with the Salted caramel milkshakes (How on trend can you get?) – actually on a side note, a very deep discussion was had at work the other day about the salted caramel epidemic. Is it possible to get normal caramel these days? What’s next salted caramello Koala?? What has this world come to? Regardless of all of that, I loved the salted caramel milkshake and I am more than happy to jump on board with this food trend. Ok, so let’s move on. We also ordered a large chips and onion rings to share – Both OK to good.

Our burgers where the Gettysburger (Each burger option is based on a country – this one was the USA option for those of you who aren’t students of history…), we got them as doubles and added bacon. The Gettysburger comes with lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and aioli and cheese. On arrival we were glad we opted for the extra patty, I think it might be a bit small otherwise. Damo suggested we guess the rating before the first bite and he suggested a 7.5 – quite high off the bat, but they sure did look good. I concurred and proceed to test our hypothesis.

First things first – I’ll tell you what I really liked about Burgled, the fact that they didn’t serve the burger in a super sweet Brioche bun! The bun here is a soft white burger bun, fresh, savoury, not sweet at all. A really nice change and exactly the right bun for this style of burger. Don’t get me wrong – a good brioche bun can work wonders, but it has to be the right burger style, and it has to be fresh, otherwise it gets too cakey. Anyway, let get back to this burger shall we – The meat patties here seem like a mostly chuck construction – giving a traditional flavour profile. Cooked all the way through, they were still juicy thanks to the higher fat content. Seasoned well and lightly worked, they maintained tenderness and with the addition of some light herbs, the patty’s tasted beefy and delicious. The cheese was an American style cheddar melted nicely and oozing all over the place -helped to keep the patties from drying out. I really loved the pickles in this burger, with the mustard they added a nice sharpness that cut through the fattiness – a must in this style of burger. The caramelised onions were diced and added a really nice savoury/sweet background. Whilst Damo thought the bacon was too salty in this burger I’d have to disagree, I quite liked mine. Finally, the salad elements – standard, but of course worked to freshen up the burger. This is a place I know I’ll go back to. It’s quality from start to finish, and the burgers taste like you expect a good burger to taste. I’d give Burgled an 8.


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