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After chatting with Melissa about the best burgers in Florida, a decision was made to take the next step and seek one out Monday for lunch. Some serious research was undertaken and a shortlist of candidates was drawn up. We had it down to three options with a decision to be made just before we left. All three options were a fair drive south of Deland nearer to Orlando, but good things are worth travelling for.

With the arrival of Melissa on Monday morning and the assembling of the burger hunt team we decided to nail down our choice. Further googling ensued. It was at this point that we discovered that our options weren’t as numerous as we first thought. Two of our shortlisted burgerhunt candidates were closed Monday Lunch. We finally settled on a place a little further away than our original search had included, but since Kathy was looking after the littlest member of the team, Katie and I were free to adventure for the afternoon without worrying about nap times and nappy changes.

The eventual destination chosen was a gastro pub called Teak Neighborhood Grill, about 46miles south of Deland, and just south of Orlando. The reviews on this place a pretty impressive and the burger list is interesting to say the least. After about an hour in the car we were all pretty hungry, I think Melissa could have devoured a small cow given the opportunity.

The place itself is undergoing some sorts of renovations so they had a limited beer list, although the fact that it was happy hour more than made up for that. I forget sometimes just how cheap it is to eat out in Florida. Happy hour included amongst others – $3 20oz Bud lights, $5 cocktails, and $5 appetisers. Suffice it to say that we took them up on the offer, and with some food and refreshments on the way we had time to ponder our burger options.


The burger list is extensive and very creative and obviously not your average burger. After much thought, we finally decieded on the burgers.


Katie opted for the Waffle Burger, yep it’s a burger between two waffles, it comes with a half pound, angus beef patty (That’s a little bit over 200g for those of you playing back home),  American cheese, fried egg and apple smoked bacon. Katie got the sweet potato tots as her side $12. This would not be my first choice for a burger – in fact, it wouldn’t even register on my burger radar. And for good reason, it just wasn’t that great. The waffle was quite sweet and Katie didn’t help matters by drizzling maple syrup over the top. Apart, I think all the elements were nice, together – not my thing. Katie didn’t really love it either. So we’ll call this one a poor choice.


Melissa was also thinking meat and sweet as she ordered the Cronie Burger, this crazy concoction of a burger was basically a cronut (think croissant crossed with a doughnut), coated in cinnamon sugar and sliced in half. This is your bun. Then you get the half-pound angus patty, maple-pepper bacon, smoked Gouda cheese and fried egg – $12.  Can’t say it’s a burger I would have ordered, but it certainly was interesting. I tired the burger – again, not a massive fan of the combination – although I must say the cronut on it’s own was delicious and the fillings were great on their own – together – weird…


Finally I ordered the Drunken Monk, it seemed to be their most popular burger and so I figured it would be a good representation of what they were about. I didn’t like the idea of chips in the burger, but I thought I’d just go with the flow and hope for the best. The Drunken Monk comes with the standard half pound patty, crispy bacon, provolone cheese, onion jam, roasted cherry tomatoes, herb mayo, potato chips (Crisps) topped with melted white cheddar cheese served on a pretzel bun, I got mine with onion rings – $12.  Ok, so when this thing comes out it’s a big towering burger, it looks impressive. I squashed it down and was barely able to get a good bite in at first. However, I should point out that that first bite was pretty darn good. I was surprised at how the chips actually worked in the burger, they added a nice textural counter point, kind of like crispy bacon but even better. The bun was dense and savoury, I’m a fan of the pretzel bun. The beef patty was really really good, thick and juicy, I’d ordered mine medium and it was nicely pink. The beef was well seasoned, an excellent quality and not too tightly formed so you really got a big beefy flavour. The cheeses were great, oozing and coating the beef, combined with the herbed mayo, this was a messy burger. I loved the roasted cherry tomatoes – little explosions of flavour that just added to each bite. Overall this was an excellent burger. It was a shame that the girls ordered so badly, because this is one of the truly better burgers that I’ve had. I’m calling this a 9 – and that’s a big call. But I would caution that not all burgers here are created equally.

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