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Katie and I had the rare opportunity to actually head out on a date – without the little one. Mum had graciously offered to babysit on Saturday day night and so we were in a position to get out of the house. Unfortunately we are also flat broke, and I had to fight off the urge to take the baby free evening and sleep… What a glamorous life this parenting thing is turning out to be… Anyway, Katie was having none of that – in an almost manic state of desperation to get out of the house, she hunted down a nice place to head off to that would also conform to our budget of $50 for the evening. She chose Dudley’s Pizza bar.

We set off early on the drive up into the Dandenong’s – it’s such a lovely part of the world. Olinda can be a bit of a tourist trap, but we don’t mind since the drive is so picturesque.  Considering the huge amount of tourists parked out the front of Cuckoo just down the road, I was worried we might have needed to book, but thankfully Dudley’s wasn’t totally full – although it was quite busy. Looking at the menu, prices weren’t cheap – around $22+ for a pizza, and $24+ for the pasta. I looked at Katie and thought we might have to head elsewhere – but then we spied the table next to us sharing out the pizza, it was huge – enough for two. This meant we could order one to share and then something else on the side. So we opted for a huge Pizza Salsiccia, with delicious Italian sausage and mushrooms, and then a lovely salad with buffalo mozzarella, baby spinach,  pine nuts, roasted capsicum, basil, and a balsamic dressing. With a $50 budget – the choice was drinks or dessert. Katie won that argument and we ordered the hazelnut mudcake. Being a date night – no phones were allowed – however, Katie did let me take a photo of the dessert at the end.


We managed to pull it all off for $50.50 (I also got a coke – blew the budget!), and we walked out feeling pretty satisfied. I was reasonably impressed with the quality and would definitely come back when not so broke so I could really enjoy their offerings.


I’ve been hearing about the Continental Deli and Restaurant, DOC Pizza & Mozzarella Bar located in Mornington for a while now. It certainly seems to polarise people, with what I can only call their interesting approach to hospitality – I’ve read some less than impressive (read scathing) reviews. So when Katie suggested pizza at DOC’s for Dinner a few weeks back when Melissa and Shane where in town, well, I was a little apprehensive. However, one thing I have noticed about DOC is that it is normally quite full, normally with a waiting list of groups to be seated. When we arrived it was very busy – the middle of the tourist season in Mornington is never a good time to try to get seat anywhere, but it seemed especially busy at DOC. We sat at the window waiting for a table in the very overcrowded seating area, and after a bit of a wait we were hurriedly shown to our table.

Looking at the menu, the Pizza’s aren’t cheap – and I already knew that was going to be the case – sure if you compare these pizza’s with a take away place, then yes, they are expensive. But the point a lot of people obviously miss, is that these are not your standard run of the mill pizza’s. We ordered three pizza’s and Melissa ordered the Lasagne. Made in the Italian style, the pizza’s are thin and not too crispy and have a light topping of a tomato based sauce and a scattering of creamy melting disks of fresh Mozzarella. Toppings are generally pretty sparse as well, so you get to enjoy the individual flavours and notice the quality of the ingredients. To be honest, these would have to be some of the best pizza’s I’ve ever tried – the base was so good that we ate the crusts dipped in the olive oil that was provided on the table as though it was a delicious warm flat bread – And Katie never eats her crusts!

There’s no doubting the quality of the food or the ingredients -the service on the other hand is somewhat eccentric. It seems as though their hiring policy is that the waiter must be from Italy first, and training or experience in hospitality in not necessarily required. The wait staff aren’t all that attentive, some of them actually seem put out to be serving you and would rather be having fun with the other staff members… However, the vibe at the restaurant is fun and frivolous. The wait staff seem to be having a great time with each other and are often yelling across the bar, or joking with one another – If you don’t take the waiters too seriously and go to simply enjoy good quality authentic food, I’m sure it will be a worthwhile experience.

Note: Once again my phone was playing up – so no photos for this one…

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