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I’ve been in the USA for a few days now and I’m just starting get over the brutal trip and jetlag. Door-to-door, Melbourne, Australia to Deland, Florida took 36hrs. With 9 month old baby Lucy along for the trip, let’s just say, events conspired against Katie and I getting more that a couple of interrupted hours of sleep. The first few days here haven’t been great for sleep either. Lucy likes to stay up screaming at all hours of the night and then sleep in past Midday – did she morph into a teenager while I wasn’t looking???

Anyway, I feel partially human now and the first real burger in the USA helped things nicely. I’ll post a few updates in the next couple of days.

In the mean time, here is a photo of an awarding winning burger that I enjoyed for lunch today.




Quite a few people had told me that I needed to get down to Burgled and sample their burger offerings, I’m just annoyed that I didn’t act on this information sooner. Located not far from Huntingdale station – admittedly not the most picturesque of locations – Burgled is actually a couple of stops from my work. This may not work out well for my expanding waistline. I’m calling it a sympathy pregnancy belly (it’s a thing)… Wont be able to get away with that in 5 weeks though. Hmm, Burger and baby adventures?? Good excuse… Anyway, I digress… Burgled offers unpretentious, quality burgers in the south east – a diamond in the rough.

Damo was along for the ride on this one on a warm Saturday afternoon, thankfully it was early as the place was filling up fast.  We both ordered the same meals, starting with the Salted caramel milkshakes (How on trend can you get?) – actually on a side note, a very deep discussion was had at work the other day about the salted caramel epidemic. Is it possible to get normal caramel these days? What’s next salted caramello Koala?? What has this world come to? Regardless of all of that, I loved the salted caramel milkshake and I am more than happy to jump on board with this food trend. Ok, so let’s move on. We also ordered a large chips and onion rings to share – Both OK to good.

Our burgers where the Gettysburger (Each burger option is based on a country – this one was the USA option for those of you who aren’t students of history…), we got them as doubles and added bacon. The Gettysburger comes with lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and aioli and cheese. On arrival we were glad we opted for the extra patty, I think it might be a bit small otherwise. Damo suggested we guess the rating before the first bite and he suggested a 7.5 – quite high off the bat, but they sure did look good. I concurred and proceed to test our hypothesis.

First things first – I’ll tell you what I really liked about Burgled, the fact that they didn’t serve the burger in a super sweet Brioche bun! The bun here is a soft white burger bun, fresh, savoury, not sweet at all. A really nice change and exactly the right bun for this style of burger. Don’t get me wrong – a good brioche bun can work wonders, but it has to be the right burger style, and it has to be fresh, otherwise it gets too cakey. Anyway, let get back to this burger shall we – The meat patties here seem like a mostly chuck construction – giving a traditional flavour profile. Cooked all the way through, they were still juicy thanks to the higher fat content. Seasoned well and lightly worked, they maintained tenderness and with the addition of some light herbs, the patty’s tasted beefy and delicious. The cheese was an American style cheddar melted nicely and oozing all over the place -helped to keep the patties from drying out. I really loved the pickles in this burger, with the mustard they added a nice sharpness that cut through the fattiness – a must in this style of burger. The caramelised onions were diced and added a really nice savoury/sweet background. Whilst Damo thought the bacon was too salty in this burger I’d have to disagree, I quite liked mine. Finally, the salad elements – standard, but of course worked to freshen up the burger. This is a place I know I’ll go back to. It’s quality from start to finish, and the burgers taste like you expect a good burger to taste. I’d give Burgled an 8.


Burgled on Urbanspoon

So I’ve had a few burgers this year and visited a number of fantastic and not so fantastic purveyors of burgery goodness. In fact, I’ve blogged about and rated about 64 Different burgers throughout 2014! Hmm, no wonder I put on a few pounds.

Well lets have a little bit of a retrospective shall we. I’ve put together a little highlights package so to speak, of the year, with some of my favourite burgers, and some of the absolute disasters.

Lets start with the best of 2014:

Stout – 1544 N Cahuenga Blvd Hollywood, LA, USA


One of my all time favourite burgers. A hot day in LA spent exploring the sites – this was an amazing burger. A patty that is hand ground each day from a selection of grass feed Angus beef, Brisket and Chuck cuts with Blue Cheese, Emi Gruyere, Rosemary Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Horseradish Cream, Roasted Tomatoes. At the time I gave it a 9.5, I’m not sure if I should have given it a 10

Rockpool Bar and Grill – Crown Complex Southbank


Chris and I went back for lunch here recently and had the burger again. It had lost none of it lustre. It was still an amazing burger from start to finish. Everything about it was quality. I particularly love their house made Pickles.

Tuckshop Takeaway, 273 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North VIC


I’ve since gone back to Tuck shop and again this is a burger that continues to perform. One of the best going around without a doubt. Their sodas and milk shakes are unbelievable as well. At the time I gave it a 9, but honestly it’s a good as the others in it’s own way.

Spotted Mallard, 314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC

spotted Mallard

This burger calls out to me. It’s the burger I always want to go back for but haven’t gotten around to just yet. I didn’t have a ranking system in place at the time, but I’d say it would have been at least an 8.5 possibly a 9. I just loved their sauce and the bun.

Beat Box Kitchen – Food Van


This was one of the first burgers on the hunt. I still recall this burger, everything was fresh and delicious. A quality burger through and though. I loved the stereo sauce, and the name – the Double Ralph! Again, no ratings system at the time, but it’s up there close to a 9.

Nevermind, Awesome Bar and Eatery – 927 E. Cape Coral Pkwy, Cape Coral, FL – USA 


When I think bacon cheeseburger – this is what I think of. Amazing burger that I had in the states off the back of a tip from a waiter.

Three Crowns Hotel – 365 Victoria St West Melbourne – VIC


Another place I’ve been to a couple of times now. It’s help up to repeat visits and I think it’s gotten even better. A quality American style burger!

Trunk Bar and Restaurant – 275 Exhibition St, Melbourne


This burger was a little silly – I ordered a double but had to take the extra patty out just to eat it. Once again, quality ingredients from start to finish make for a quality burger. It’s not rocket science! I gave this an 8.5 at the time.

Chew Burger – 147 Plenty Rd Preston – VIC


A really solid burger up in the northern part of town. Another Damo suggestion. Great value as well – I gave it an 8.5 at the time and I’d be back.

Racks Ribs Co. – 680A Glen Huntly Road Caulfield South – VIC


I’ve been back to this place a couple of times and ordered the Sow and Cow – which is the normal amazing burger plus rib meat. Quality burger. I think I gave it an 8.5 at the time, but the addition of the rib meat really worked.

Merricks General Wine Store – 3460 Frankston-Flinders Rd Merricks VIC


A recent burger, but a damn good one. Every ingredient was top quality – that’s all you need for burger goodness.


The not so great burgers:

Burger King – Shinjuku Japan

Check out my post on the Burger section for a clip and more information about the Burger experience!
This was gross – just gross. The squid ink and bamboo charcoal bun, the weird black sauce and the black shiny cheese. No thank you.

The Elsternwick Hotel – 259 Brighton Rd, Elwood “The Wick”

The Wick

The food here is much much better than it used to be. At the time, this was one of the worst burgers going around. These day’s it’s fairly edible (But probably still a 4.5 – 5)

Heads & Tails – 112 Ormond Rd Elwood Elwood – VIC



A terrible effort from a local fish and chip shop. Stale, burnt bun that fell apart. Not a great experience. If you want a good fish and chip shop burger you should go to:

Tommy Ruff – Shop 3/1-3 Carre St Elsternwick VIC, or Old Salt – 246 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC

Beer Deluxe – 329 Burwood Rd Hawthorn – VIC


One of the worst burgers looks deceptively good… 3.5 Worst patties ever. I felt sick for 12hrs!

Final Thoughts

Anyway, it’s been an amazing year of Burger adventuring. I’ve had some great burger experiences on three different continents. I’ve also eaten a lot of overrated burgers! However I do think that I’ve found some of Victoria’s best burgers. Hope you have enjoyed coming along on the hunt with me.

Special thanks go out to the team –

  • Damo, who came along from the start and made so many fine suggestions. In fact, most of the good burgers were his suggestion…
  • Jo, who helped out and offered some sage words of burger wisdom. And put up with my burger ramblings.
  • Chris, who enjoyed some of the highs and  lows of the burger experience and who provided the idea for the Heaston cook off.
  • And finally, Katie, who put up with all my burger madness throughout the year.

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

No burger hunt in the USA is complete without a trip to a fast food burger joint. Obviously for the sake of research I made a number of trips to various burger franchises – the things I do for research… Generally my list of top burger franchises in the states is topped by places like Wendy’s, In and out burger and Checkers. I spent one trip eating nothing but take out – a bit like super size me, and yes I did get a bit sick… This time around I only had a few opportunities for the fast food burger and I thought I’d discuss some of them here.

First stop was Fuddruckers – worlds greatest hamburgers –


I stopped here in Dallas Fort Worth at the airport as I was waiting for a connecting flight. Not bad, you order the burger, and you get cooked elements presented on an open bun and then you add the fresh elements and sauces yourself at a food station. I like the idea because you can make sure that all the salad elements are fresh and I get to add more pickles!! I ordered the a 1/2lb works which is Smokehouse bacon, American cheese and grilled mushrooms. Unfortunately the burger patty wasn’t great, more steamed than grilled, and so it had a flaccid, grey kind of look. Taste wise, not bad overall, the fact that I controlled half the burger toppings meant that at least I got it the way I wanted, the downside was that after a 15hr flight it as a bit much for my tired brain to take in.

Five guys –


Another quick stop, Katie and I were on the road from DeLand down to Bokeelia on Pine Island near Fort Myer. Katie’s best friend from New York, Melissa had mentioned that Five Guys do a good solid burger. This is another choose your own adventure type burger, so for the uninitiated it can be rather daunting. Once again I stuffed up and didn’t get the right mix (Grilled Mushrooms? Don’t do it…) – I know this because I went back to another Five Guys in West Hollywood and got the right mix of ingredients and was VERY happy. They do a very good burger, the patty is good, everything is fresh, the let down is the bun – too small for the double patty with bacon and cheese and it always falls apart by the end.

Wendy’s –


I’m just going to put it out there – the baconator just might be one of my all time favourite burgers. Please Wendy’s come to Australia – we need you, I need you. Why have you forsaken us, what have we done to deserve this??? Sorry, I just need to get a hold of myself… anyway, Wendy’s burgers are different, you get a square patty, which makes sense from a production point of view and doesn’t seem to detract from the burger in anyway. I had a double on the new pretzel bun with Bacon and cheese – always hits the spot. Polished it off which a huge Dr Pepper – their large is over 1lt in size.

I also did McDonalds and Burger King – but since we have these at home I won’t bother writing them up and I didn’t bother to get a photo.

You can’t rate these burgers up against a restaurant burger – they are two completely different beasts. On the one hand you have mass produced, fast food, and on the other hand you have made to order, fresh, professionally created burgers. I would say though, that Five Guys would come close to a lot of the burgers I’ve tried – it’s a quality burger, but it’s priced a bit higher than the others, so you would expect that. Regardless – all the burgers hit the spot. You won’t go wrong with any of these options

On this past USA trip I had decided to break up the homeward journey from Florida to Australia by spending 3 days and 2 nights in LA. I’d never been to LA before and since you get one free stop over I figured why not – I’d do some ridiculously touristy stuff, cut the trip into more manageable chunks, and hopefully find some good burgers. Well, as you can probably gather from previous posts, I did manage to find so very good burgers in LA. One of the best however, was located right next door to my hotel. I stayed at the Ramada Plaza, in West Hollywood, which is apparently owned by an Australian who must do deals with travel agents back home – every second guest was an Aussie. Wow does our accent really stand out after spending three weeks away – almost hurts the ears… Anyway, on the second night I decided that after a long day of wondering around and seeing the sights, I really didn’t want to travel too far for a burger. Kitchen 24 is located right next door to the hotel, and it always seemed to be busy so I thought I’d give it a go. Unfortunately my phone was flat and so I couldn’t take any photos! But I’ll do my best to describe the burger so you get the picture. The burger on their menu is advertised as the k24 Burger, a rather large “Half-pound top sirloin burger, organic mixed greens, tomato, red onion, sliced pickles and mayo on a toasted brioche bun” – all for $12.95 and that comes with fries. I ordered mine with cheddar cheese and Applewood bacon for an additional $2.80 – when you add in tax and tip and the exchange rate, well, lets just say that LA is probably at least as expensive as Melbourne, if not more.
But let’s move on from the prices, we’re in LA, everything is expensive… Let talk about the burger shall we? When the burger came out, even though it was expenisve, I felt at least I was getting value for money – this thing was a true two hander. I had ordered the burger medium and it came out pink and juicy – excellently cooked and well rested. The meat itself was really good quality, very beefy and had that steak flavour, a more refined beef flavour than you get with chuck patties. The elements were all there, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion, I liked the fact that the burger came with mayo, and then I added some ketchup and mustard. The bacon was nice and crisp, slightly smokey, and the pickles were excellent, sharply cutting through. The brioche bun was nice and soft and had a glazed brown crust, surprisingly not too sweet. Everything worked really well together. I was actually very impressed – for some reason I had low expectations – I just assumed it was the hotel restaurant and hadn’t given it much thought. I definitely recommend getting one of their burgers if you are staying near by. I’d give it an 8.


The choose your own adventure of the burger world – Burger Rounds has a couple of locations around LA, but since I was staying in West Hollywood walking distance from the Burger rounds on Santa Monica, well, honestly it would have been rude of me not to at least go in just to have a look…

After a long hot day in LA of traipsing through the various tourist traps  I decided to reward myself with a sneaky afternoon burger. There would be a another burger adventure for dinner as well, but lets just keep that between us OK?

So, anyway, Rounds advertised that they had won some awards or something, and the photo’s looked good, and I was tired and sun-burnt and thirsty so the next thing I know, I’m at the counter ordering a burger. Too much information on the menu for my tired and exhausted mind to process. I didn’t know what to get. I didn’t know what combinations where the best. Ahhhhhh, I stuffed it all up. That’s right, I ordered a burger WITHOUT bacon!!!! shit. I’m so upset I just swore. Shit. I did it again – that’s how strongly I feel about this. I know I didn’t get the right burger, but that’s the danger of the chose your own menu. Mistakes can and will happen. Possibly worse mistakes than mine. Imagine if you will, a burger without cheese – NO, don’t do that. I’m sorry I mentioned that. There’s no place for talk like that in civilised society. I apologise and beg forgiveness.
Ok, so I think I ordered the following burger –  step one: Single fresh ground chuck patty,  step two: chipotle aioli, Step three:  tomato, pickle chips, red onions and shredded lettuce,  Step four: Monterrey jack cheese and step six: the fresh bun. It was step 5 that I screwed up. Ah, step 5 how you will haunt me… For some reason I missed it, it is here you order the bacon. Bacon, Damn. Anyway, the burger came our quite quickly, I barely had a chance to sip my Dr Pepper. With a burger this quick there’s no way they rested the meat, and yes it oozed juice everywhere… I ordered mine medium so it was pretty juicy indeed. The bun was interesting, glazed, soft, golden brown, but far too sweet for my palate. Very much like a croissant, very buttery but also quite sweet.  I guess I just don’t have an American palate… When combined with the under seasoned burger patty and a lack of salt from any bacon, the overall effect was a very sweet, light burger. Even the cheese was sweetish. The chipotle aioli was very mild – I really wanted more punch here. This burger hardly touched the sides and 30 minutes later I didn’t even feel like I had had a burger. I guess this would make it the ideal afternoon sneaky burger in some ways… But it left me wanting more, too sweet, the pickles were the saving grace, they added a sharpness that cut through the cakeyness of the burger, otherwise it would have almost been a dessert burger. I know if I got the combination of ingredients right I am sure they would make a good burger – but don’t leave it up to me – stupid Joe public, tell me what the chef thinks is good – he’s the expert. I’d give this burger a 7, but I think with the right guidance and the right combination of elements, I’m pretty sure we’d have a 8+ on our hands here.

Rounds Premium Burgers on Urbanspoon

A nice sports bar with about 500 HD screens showing non-stop sports – OK not 500 screens, but it seems like every spare nook and/or cranny (What is a cranny by the way? Or nook for that matter…) has a huge HD screen on it. You can pretty much watch any sport your heat desires here. From curling to hurling I guess. Katie and I got excited to see that they even had AFL football playing on one screen – my sport of choice. Then we saw it was a GWS game (Australian Joke!). They also have a whole wall of beer on tap – I guess that’s where the name comes from? Anyway, my father-in-law had suggested Half wall, so obviously it was great. guess I can just end it there. I don’t argue with Mac – The guy is 6’4″ and an ex- Gator offensive line football player, and my father-in-law, obviously. It is wise to agree with him, smile and nod… Just kidding 😉
But seriously, any recommendation from a man who surely has had his fair share of American Burgers over that last 50 odd year is well worth investigating.

Somehow the idea to stop for the burger was my wife’s idea – perhaps those subliminal messages I’ve been sending her have been doing the trick. I played it cool and responded “sure darling, what ever you feel like.” I was hoping that she didn’t change her mind. Thankfully, it all worked out and she was none the wiser.


So, the burger at Half wall – it’s a half pounder, not small by any stretch. A true two hander. Pretty standard type American pub burger – it comes open, with the cheese and bacon on the patty on one side and the lettuce, tomato and onion on the other side. You sauce the burger yourself. I ordered mayonnaise, then used the ketchup and mustard on the table to make my own burger sauce. There was no pickle. NO pickle. I was not amused… Apart from that little issue, the burger was clearly a high quality burger, good quality chuck beef, nice bacon, I chose American Cheddar, which was melted nicely, salty, smokey bacon on top. The tomato, onion and lettuce I squished on top of all of that and then added my sauces to the bun. The bun was a nice soft white bread, did the job, although as usual, a little sweet for my taste. The meat was good but under seasoned, so unfortunately it lacked for full flavour, although it was cooked medium which was nice for a change. I’d like to try this again, it had the elements of a really good pub burger, however, it needs a pickle, and they need to season the meat. I give it a 7 – good, but not quite great.

Half Wall Beer House on Urbanspoon


This is the kind of burger that makes me believe there must be some sort of higher power at play – how is it possible to create something so magical without divine intervention.
Ok, lets take a step back for a moment and consider the amazing luck that brought me here – (Incidentally I also got upgraded to Business Class for my trip home today so LUCKY all-round for me!!).
Wandering around LA on my final day in the States, I felt the need for a burger, OK I feel that every day as you probably know. After the obligatory walk along Hollywood’s walk of fame or whatever it’s called – honestly after trudging through the crowds on a hot sweaty day, only to walk over a bunch of “stars” I’ve never heard of, well let’s just say I was pretty much over Hollywood. Anyway, I had noticed that there were a number of options down Cahuenga Blvd (Actually it was the Umami burger sign that got me…) off I went in search of a burger. Thank my lucky stars I walked past Stout… It looked nice and there was a very interesting selection of craft beers on the menu as well – since it was stinking hot and I was starting to get burnt, I thought it only prudent to get out of the sun and protect myself from the elements… Yes, safety was my primary concern. Anyway, the friendly bloke behind the bar handed me the menu and recommended the Stout Burger and a Hearty IPA to go with it. I don’t argue with the experts so that’s exactly what I ordered. The Stout Burger is describe on their menu as “Blue Cheese, Emi Gruyere, Rosemary Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Horseradish Cream, Roasted Tomatoes. When I enquired about the meat the Barman explained that is hand ground each day from a selection of grass feed Angus beef, Brisket and Chuck cuts.
I will say this – This burger was amazing. The bun was a lovely soft briochy sort of bun, that really soft, dark brown glazed crust, slightly sweet white bread, which compresses well to encase the burger. The first bite – gorgeous, you get the bite from the horseradish cream and the blue cheese, the richness from the Gruyere and the caramelized onion, sweetness from the tomato, and then the beef – a fairly loose grind, cooked medium, quite pink and juicy, delicious. Then you get a crispness and  a very slight rosemary and smokey/salty hit from the bacon… I just had a little Homer moment writing this – burger from stout, ahhhgh… I didn’t want this burger to end. They make a point here that you can’t change the burgers by adding anything, so very un-American of them – but I love the fact that they back the chef here. Clearly and expert in Burgerology – hats off to the man. I give this burger a 9.5. Yes a 9.5, it’s very very close to my favourite burger. I think the Rockpool has it beat on quality of meat – but I feel as though this one wins for overall flavour. If I had a choice between both, well… I’d probably go to the Rockpool burger just based on the meat. I’d love to see this burger with a more upmarket beef, say an aged Wagu… Oh wow.

Stout on Urbanspoon


God, it was a hot and steamy day on the 4th of July that lead us to walk through the doors of McConnell’s Irish Pub on Duval street. By hot and steamy, I mean, I was literally dripping sweat, every pore in my body appeared to be doing it’s best to cover me in salty water – because obviously that would make me feel more comfortable right? Stupid body…. Anyway, Katie and I had been adventuring around Key West for the better part of the day – I say adventuring because we had just been though the awesome Mel Fisher museum – what a great story! If you ever get the chance to go to Key West, give Mel Fishers a visit, well worth the time and effort to learn about their quest for Spanish treasures that were taken from the new world and ship wrecked on the journey back to Spain in the early 17th century.

Anyway, as a result of our cultural adventuring, we had built up a bit of an appetite and I had told Kate about another restaurant on Duval street that did what looked like a pretty interesting Burger. Unfortunately after carrying our sweaty, tired selves to the destination in mind we were greeted with the lovely sight of a closed restaurant (Closed for 4th of July). Katie was not pleased with my planning and so a decision was made to walk back to the nearest place that sold cold beverages and food. McConnell’s was our lucky destination. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the Brasil vs. Columbia world cup clash was about to start. We got there about 40mins before kick off and just before a rush of people poured into the pub, thus we got our orders in, some cool beverages and a great spot to watch the match. On the match – seriously, did the ref loose his yellow/red cards, or swallow his whistle – Neymar gets a a knee in the back and a broken vertebrae – but that’s an ok challenge?? I felt the better side won – But anyway, I’ll end my rant there, we are here to talk food.


So obviously, with low expectations, but not really caring at this stage, I ordered the burger, and Katie ordered the fish taco’s… The burger was actually really quite good. I ordered mine with Bacon and a fried egg, and I ordered the patty medium. On this occasion they actually cooked the patty medium which was a nice surprise! The burger bun was a nice soft Kaiser bun, it did it’s best to contain the huge burger, but fell apart a bit simply because I could not get this behemoth in my mouth in one bite – I had to go around the edges and cut angles to make an impression on the burger. Soft buns work best on these types of burgers, but it’s always a challenge when the burger gets to high to fit in your mouth. This was also what I cal a two hander, so it was a pretty generous meal.  Once again I had to sauce the burger myself, I cut up the pickle spear and added the ketchup and mustard that was provided on the table, the runny egg yolk combined with the sauces and melted cheese to create a lovely saucy feel – a little bit messy to eat, but as you know, I reckon a good burger should leave you with sauce all over you fingers – paper towel was provided! The burger came with your choice of cheese – I chose cheddar, then you get, tomato, lettuce and red onion and I added Bacon as well. The only let down was the meat – it wasn’t seasoned well enough and so it lacked any real beefy punch, it was a bit soft and tasted a little washed out, overpowered by everything else instead of being the star of the show. Look, at the end of the meal I was left feeling pretty satisfied – This was a solid Pub burger, all the elements seemed to be well done and fresh. You really can’t complain if you are just walking in to watch a football match and take some shelter from the heat with a nice cleansing libation. I’d give it a 7.

McConnell's Irish PUB on Urbanspoon


This place is ridiculous – in a really amazing, awesome, slightly dirty way. If you go to Key West you really need to give this place a go. Well, let me clarify, if you are easily offended by sexual innuendo, slightly naughty descriptions of food and beverages, or are one of those weird people that HATE sugar, well, you probably shouldn’t go. Go and do what ever it is that makes you happy. I’m sure you have an exciting life. If you are like me, and you love your food in all shapes and sizes, then make sure you put this place on your to-do list. Katie and I had booked in to visit for dessert after our lovely meal at the Flaming Buoy filet co., we figured 10:30pm would be a good time, apparently they are open to 12am so that gave us plenty of time.

Anyway I guess I should get on with describing the experience. It’s going to be difficult to review this place and keep it PG, but I’ll give it my best shot. I guess dessert is always just a little bit naughty, I mean, you know you really shouldn’t, but damn it’s so good, how can you say no, just one little bite, one little scoop, it can’t hurt can it?? Better than Sex takes the idea that dessert is always just a little naughty, and runs with it. The place is so dark with the mood lighting, that they used to give you a  flash light just so you could see your menus – now, they give you iPads.

Inside is all red mood lighting and seductive music, nothing overtly rude, but a lot of “suggestive” art work adorns the walls. The overall feel is one of sensuality and seduction. Well, that’s pretty much what dessert is all about anyway right? The offerings are only desserts and drinks, and everything is sexed up. Looking at the menu you get things like… um, just trying find something not totally R-rated to mention… OK, well it’s actually rather hard to talk about the food and beverage without being a little bit inappropriate… Um, basically they offer a bunch of over-the-top, amazing dessert options along with some really creative drinks, all described in an hilarious and totally inappropriate manner, the names of the drinks and desserts are even more inappropriate (And I mean that in a good humored, funny kind of way). Oh, I should mention the drinks – What they do is the coat the rims of the glasses with say dark chocolate or caramel and then you lick that as you drink your wine. The pairings work amazingly well. I ordered a Paringa sparkling Shiraz – how very Australian of me I know right. But the rim of the glass was dipped in dark chocolate, wow did this just pair amazingly well with the wine. The dessert I got was called… OK, I won’t go there on that one, but it was basically a red velvet cheesecake. OMG was it delicious. Katie got the twist and stout – which was a chocolate cake, with chocolaty frosting and all this other amazing stuff…
Look, if you really want to look at the menu you should go to their website (warning though – it is fairly rude 😉 ) Anyway, what a food adventure this one was – to be honest, this idea could really have fallen flat, and crossed the line and just been a bit too dirty and just bad taste. Initially I was a little put off, I can be a bit of a prude, but I’m glade I went. Look,  I’m sure a lot of people will find the restaurant in bad taste. Just don’t go if you are easily offended. Also, don’t try to take your kids there – I don’t think they allow under 13’s anyway. At the end of the day this place just really works – and the reason – the wait staff are obvious foodies, and they clearly know their stuff. But not just that, their warmth and humour allow they whole experience to be fun and not awkward. I highly recommend this place – if you love your dessert (and have a sense of humour) you’ll love this place.

Better Than Sex - A Dessert Restaurant on Urbanspoon